PlexusRx Sample App: Building for iOS 11 with Titanium

With the much anticipated release of iOS 11 this fall, developers gained access to a host of new machine learning APIs to speed up mobile AI. In the video below, Senior Solution Architect Chris Bowley demonstrates how to integrate these APIs with additional services in Titanium in a sample app called PlexusRx. This app, which […]

GA Release of Titanium SDK 6.3.0, CLI 6.3.0, and Hyperloop 2.2.2

Today, we published General Availability (GA) releases of Axway Titanium™ SDK, Axway Appcelerator CLI, and Hyperloop. (Note – both the CLI core and the CLI node package were updated.) The releases include 9 features, 48 bug fixes, 8 improvements, and 12 APIs with new or expanded platform support. For a more detailed overview, known issues […]

4 Easy to Overlook Reasons Your App was Rejected

So you’ve designed your own mobile app, now what? The brunt of the work is done, but there are still some hoops to jump through before you can actually ship your creation out to market. Namely, get it approved by the app store of your choosing so your users can actually locate and get their […]

This Week’s Modules & Widgets

Every week we sum up all new and updated modules, widgets and other products listed on the Axway Marketplace and found on GitHub by gitTio. Use the Developer Portal Updates page to follow new releases throughout the week. Here are the updates since October 20th 2017: gitTio New and updated open-source modules and widgets found […]

ArrowDB Connector Dev & Production Environments

When you create an API Builder project you will find that the ArrowDB Connector is installed in your project. If you don’t find it already installed, you can always install it from the command line using the following command: appc install connector/appc.arrowdb Behind the scenes, when you created the API Builder project, an ArrowDB noSQL […]

GA Release of Hyperloop 2.2.1

Today, we published the General Availability (GA) release of Hyperloop 2.2.1, which includes 4 bug fixes addressing reported issues from the previous version. For a more detailed overview, see the release notes: Hyperloop 2.2.1 Release Note Note: This is the last Hyperloop release to support Node 4. Please update the Node LTS for future releases. […]

Developing Native APIs with Hyperloop

A little over a year ago, we rolled out Hyperloop to eliminate the need for OS-specific modules so that every single native API on iOS and Android can be developed using simple JavaScript. Since then, our developer community has embraced Hyperloop, creating powerful modules as if they were built with native SDKs. In celebration of […]

GA Release of Hyperloop 2.2.0

Today, we published the General Availability (GA) release of Hyperloop 2.2.0, which includes 2 features, 4 improvements, and 14 bug fixes. For a more detailed overview, see the release notes: Hyperloop 2.2.0 Release Note Windows Users: Before You Upgrade If you use Hyperloop, Hyperloop 2.1.2 or later is required for Windows users who use SDK […]


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