New iOS Module Development Guide Available

Today we’re releasing a new iOS Module Developer’s Guide. This guide shows you how to create, test and package your Titanium module for the iOS mobile platform. Lots of comprehensive instructions and examples. Here’s the new guide: iOS Module Developer’s Guide We’ll be posting much more documentation — please give us feedback on what other […]

Community Tips and Tricks

For folks that haven’t found it yet, there’s a question in Community Q&A that is gathering a number of suggestions for tips and tricks for development in Titanium Mobile. Here’s the direct link to the thread, but I thought I would post a couple of my favorites here on the Dev Blog. Some nice general […]

Introducing New Getting Started Guides

I’m Dave Richey, Director of Training for Appcelerator. We’re going to be expanding our documentation and training efforts for Titanium. My first project has been a series of Getting Started guides, for Mac, Windows and Linux, to help get Titanium Mobile up and running. These guides cover the steps needed to install Titanium and run […]

Titanium For New Developers (Webinar Slides)

Hi everybody, and thanks to those of you who checked out our Titanium For New Developers webinar this morning. Just wanted to quickly share the slides from this morning’s presentation, and invite you to join us tomorrow morning when we talk about the new features available in our 1.4 release. Here you go… Titanium For […]

iOS package for distribution with 1.4+

There have been a few questions around how to package for distribution for iOS starting with Titanium SDK 1.4. Apple has changed the requirement on how you package and submit your application to iTunes connect. You can no longer use the web-based portal to upload your application. I thought I’d explain the steps on how […]

Introducing Titanium Mobile 1.4

OK, so this release took way longer than we all anticipated. We tried our best working days and nights and weekends to make it faster, but sometimes this stuff just takes longer than you’d like. In our case, we ran into a lot of major issues with iOS4 and between the various devices, versions and […]

Using Spazcore for Twitter Authentication

Today I wanted to call out one of the more interesting projects happening on Titanium Desktop, and show how you can leverage its core library in your own Titanium Desktop projects. The Spaz microblogging client is one of the most popular open source Twitter (and StatusNet and clients available today, and developer Ed Finkler […]

Twitter oAuth Implementation for Titanium Mobile

We have a great community project to highlight today – David Riccitelli (follow @ziodave on Twitter here) has developed a pure JavaScript oAuth helper library for Titanium Mobile (today it’s iPhone only, but if you check out source on Google Code I’m sure one of us can rectify that). If you’d like to use it, […]


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