Background Animation Visual Effect Tutorial

One of the coolest things about building a platform like Titanium is how people use it. Often, we look at what you’ve done and we’re stumped. How did you do that? You know you’re on to something when this happens. The guys over at Awkward Novice have a really cool Titanium based application for the […]

How-To: Create an iPhone Navigation Group

A question that’s come up a bit in Q&A, chats, tweets, and e-mails I get from folks in the community is the question of how to create what in the native world would be called a NavigationController. It’s basically a single window container which has a built in title bar, and allows you to arrange […]

How-To: Full Page CSS 3 Layout (Desktop)

Cross-browser full page layouts have long been a pain point for web developers. Luckily, for Titanium Desktop developers, you get to use all the CSS 3 goodness Webkit has to offer across all platforms! Today we’ll take a look at how to employ CSS 3 Box Layouts- check out some brief tutorials here and here. […]

How-To: Persist Complex JavaScript Objects

Everyone who has developed a Titanium application is likely familiar with the Properties API, which allows you to store key/value pairs without needing to use a local SQL database to store that information.  This is a great way to store a few configuration options, but once your application needs to store more than a couple […]

How-To: Add A Drop Shadow to a View

A question recently came up in Q&A on how to add a drop shadow to a view, so I thought I would put together a quick demo of how to do this. While there is a built-in method of adding a drop shadow to a Ti.UI.Label, there is currently no such means of adding a […]

Presently – Enterprise Microblogging Now On The Desktop

Our friends over at Intridea have just released a new desktop client for their enterprise microblogging service, Presently. They used Titanium Desktop to build out the application, which you can download here. The desktop application rounds out the platform offerings for Presently, which include an iPhone application also built using Titanium. For more details on […]

Party With Palm and Appcelerator

Palm and Appcelerator invite you to a co-hosted night of networking during WWDC. Enjoy hot food and cold drinks on us. Mix it up with your fellow developers, check out our demos, or check out video turntablist Mike Relm. Don’t miss this fun event—and a chance to hear about porting your apps with the Palm […]

Building an Advanced Transaction UI with Titanium

Building advanced user interfaces in Titanium is pretty easy – once you get the hang of it. In this tutorial, I’m going to walk through how to build an advanced transactional UI – one that might be used for example in an application that captures credit card and needs a signature right on the device. […]


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