Using Spazcore for Twitter Authentication

Today I wanted to call out one of the more interesting projects happening on Titanium Desktop, and show how you can leverage its core library in your own Titanium Desktop projects. The Spaz microblogging client is one of the most popular open source Twitter (and StatusNet and clients available today, and developer Ed Finkler […]

Twitter oAuth Implementation for Titanium Mobile

We have a great community project to highlight today – David Riccitelli (follow @ziodave on Twitter here) has developed a pure JavaScript oAuth helper library for Titanium Mobile (today it’s iPhone only, but if you check out source on Google Code I’m sure one of us can rectify that). If you’d like to use it, […]

How-To: Perform CRUD operations on a local database

One of the most requested items from our Skribit widget was a step by step example of how to do database operations in Titanium. Well, ask and ye shall receive! If you haven’t noticed it already, you can suggest topics for us to include on this blog by using the Skribit widget on the left-hand […]

1.3.2 (1.4 RC1) Release Now Available

As promised (but a little late), we’re going to make the upcoming 1.4 release candidate (1.3.2 release) available manually here. Please read for instructions and links to the files. For now, you’ll have to install manually until we can get some good feedback on the release and push the official 1.4. Our goal is to […]

Upcoming Titanium 1.4 update

UPDATE (Monday 10:42 PM PST): Unfortunately, during this evening’s testing we found a rendering bug on Table View with auto heights. We’re working on a fix and hope to have it fixed before the morning. As soon as we fix this issue and can do another round of testing, we’ll have the release up. Stay […]

Titanium Mobile TextMate Bundle

This weekend, esteemed community member Thomas Aylott (a.k.a subtleGradient) published his TextMate bundle for Titanium Mobile! This is a must have for any Mobile developer working on the Mac (and using TextMate of course). Installing his bundle is easy – you’ll probably want to install via git, so you can update the bundle via a […]

How to create an iPad menu with animation

In this tutorial, we’re going to show a technique used by the popular USA Today iPad application. The USA Today application combines the use of a section logo (in the upper left hand) that denotes the appropriate area of the paper you’re currently reading with a animatable menu when touched. This allows you to quickly […]

Background Animation Visual Effect Tutorial

One of the coolest things about building a platform like Titanium is how people use it. Often, we look at what you’ve done and we’re stumped. How did you do that? You know you’re on to something when this happens. The guys over at Awkward Novice have a really cool Titanium based application for the […]


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