Developing Native Android Apps with Titanium

In today’s Titanium Week webinar, we took a look at features new and old for developing native Android applications using Titanium. Hacker Extraordinaire Marshall Culpepper surveys major Android native application concepts, like Activities, Intents, and Services, and shows how to apply these concepts in your Titanium application to create a deeply integrated native application experience […]

What’s New In Titanium Mobile 1.5

Earlier today, we shared some of the cool new features and enhancements to Titanium Mobile that were rolled out in the 1.5 release, along with a peek at a very cool Augmented Reality application developed by Conrad Fuhrman, author of the upcoming Titanium book The Native Advantage. Chief among these improvements were massive upgrades to […]

Titanium For New Developers

Today we held a webinar for developers new to the Titanium platform – for those of you who missed it, please check out the slides and video from the presentation below. If you’re a newbie or grizzled veteran, be sure to join us tomorrow and Friday for a live look at what’s new in Titanium […]

Android Hackathon @ Appcelerator

What The Android Hackathon @ Appcelerator is the first hackathon hosted at Appcelerator focused on Android-based applications. It is a free event for developers and designers to build native applications for the Android platform using Appcelerator’s Titanium Platform. Development projects will include both solo and team efforts. We encourage attendees to team up, based on […]

2010 in Review

We just wanted to do one last blog post of the year and publish some numbers and milestones. In March of this year we released Appcelerator Titanium 1.0 and introduced a new commercial offering for premium support, training, and analytics. In April of this year we announced support for both the iPad and for Blackberry. […]

Festivus Wrap Up

I wanted to drop a short recap of our Festivus Celebration here at Appcelerator. We ran the Festivus Celebration contest over 5 days starting on December 17th and ending on December 23rd. Every day we picked a winner at random who retweeted that day’s message. The winners ended up winning an Appcelerator Swag Pack that […]

Festivus Celebration Day Five – Festivus Miracles

Today is day five of our Festivus Celebration here at Appcelerator, Festivus Miracles, and we’re calling it a wrap. Our Day 4 winner of the Appcelerator swag pack is @adamhegedus. We’ve had quite a few questions in the Q/A section in regards to supporting the Samsung Galaxy Tab and today’s miracle is that we’re going […]

Lone Star Developer Case Study

Once more as part of our celebration of Festivus we’re focusing the spotlight on one of our third party developers. Today’s developer profiled is Archrival who created the Lone Star Puzzle Cap Decoder app for the iPhone. What is Lone Star Puzzle Cap Decoder? Lone Star Puzzle Cap Decoder is the mobile guide to Lone […]


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