New Comment Policy

As we’ve grown in size we’ve seen both encouraging and discouraging comments. We’ve now reached a point where the discouraging is starting to outweigh the encouraging and we’re having to spend quite a bit of time evaluating and moderating comments. As so we’re announcing a new comment policy here for the developer blog. It’s key […]


We were very impressed to find this community-driven open source project, Livetanium, which allows for real-time editing of Titanium source, complete with deployment to the iPhone emulator. The project was pioneered by team krawaller, developers of the Titanium-based word game Golingo (buy it!). Says Jacob Waller: Made out of titanium, nodejs and unicorns, our Livetanium […]

Titanium Guides Project: JS Environment

Hi everybody, In advance of our imminent 1.5 release (we’re working feverishly to finalize it and get it in your hands!), we’re putting together a set of tutorials based on the awesome Rails Guides site from the Ruby on Rails team.  It’s in an open source repository hosted on our corporate account, so feel free […]

Titanium App wins Wufoo API Contest

We want to give out some kudos to one of our newest hires, Rick Blalock, who just recently joined Appcelerator as one of our Professional Services Engineers. Rick just recently won the Wufoo API Contest with his entry called Pico which was developed using Appcelerator’s own Titanium Platform. Pico is an iPhone app that’s designed […]

Sunday morning outage

Hello everyone, My name is Chung Liu, and I recently joined Appcelerator in the role of Director of Cloud Engineering. Our developer site was down for a few hours on Sunday morning (November 15), and I would like to give our users an update on what happened and what we are doing to prevent outages […]

New Titanium Desktop Release is coming soon!

Dear Titanium Desktop developers, We have been reading your posts and emails and we’re working hard on the finishing touches on a new Titanium Desktop release. The highlights of the new upcoming Ti Desktop 1.1 Release are: Increased stability – many bugs fixed toward that goal Key performance improvements in some areas Updated Webkit with […]

Appcelerator Announces $9M In Funding, PayPal Partnership

Today may just be the biggest day ever for the company and Appcelerator Titanium developers. We are announcing $9 million in Series B funding with Sierra Ventures leading the round and eBay participating as a strategic investor. We are also announcing a partnership with PayPal to deliver the first-ever mobile commerce platform to Titanium developers, […]

Names used with Titanium’s SQLite database

When working with the SQLite database in Titanium, there are at least 3 kinds of names that you’ll be dealing with. Because some of these names can be the same (but don’t need to be), this can sometimes get confusing. Here’s the story on how this naming stuff works. First, there’s the name of the […]


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