Build, Test & Deploy a Titanium Cross-Platform App with Fastlane

This guest post was authored by Adam Armstrong. Adam has been using Titanium since 2010 and is an Appcelerator Titan. He is the Manager of Mobile Technology at AmWINS Group and does freelance work via You can follow him on Twitter at @adamtarmstrong. Developing a mobile app is just the beginning. What follows – […]

Create Turntable Animation with Titanium

Guest poster, Michael Gangolf, has been using Titanium since 2010, been a Titan since 2017 and Android lover since the beginning. You can follow him at @michaelgangolf or on Github at Following the color animation tutorial, this post shows how to create turntable animation with Titanium. Turntable animation is a 360° animation in one […]

Using NPM Packages in Titanium

Let’s begin with the fact that the above – Using NPM Packages in Titanium – is possible. Yep, it truly is. I noticed a lot of people were unaware of the fact they could just plug in any NPM package they wanted. So… how do we set this up? Run npm init in the app/lib folder […]

Announcing Vue.js Support in Titanium

A few weeks ago, we announced official support for Angular 6 in Titanium, enabling developers to combine the full ecosystem of Titanium with the powerful toolset of Angular. The tech preview was open sourced via @appcelerator/titanium-angular and will receive more contributions over the next few months. Today, we are pleased to announce another powerful integration […]

GA Release of Titanium SDK 7.1.1 & CLI 7.0.3

Today, we published General Availability releases of AMPLIFY™ Titanium SDK and Appcelerator CLI. These are patch releases addressing high priority issues from previous releases. It includes 2 improvements and 26 bug fixes. For a more detailed overview, known issues and closed tickets, see the release notes: Titanium SDK 7.1.1 GA Release Note Appcelerator CLI 7.0.3 […]

API Builder Tutorial Series Ch. 3: API First Development

The third installment in our API Builder Tutorial Series walks through how to use API Builder’s API First development. Watch below to learn how to import and mock an API definition, how to use the API Builder flow editor to build out an API, and how to test your APIs. The following links are referenced […]

Guarantee Quality by Unit Testing Your Titanium Apps

Guest poster, David Cypers, is a freelance (mobile) solution developer with a strong focus on testability, UX and automation whose broad knowledge about the latest technologies can help you identify the best technology-agnostic solution for your business case. You can follow David on Twitter or LinkedIn. This blog was originally posted on Dzone. Learn how […]

Titanium Angular Technical Preview Release Now Available

Today, we are pleased to announce the release of the first Technical Preview of Titanium Angular! Originally planned for late February, we decided to include some improvements and spend more time on documentation, hence the delay. Getting Started with Titanium Angular To start developing Titanium apps with Angular, update the AMPLIFY Appcelerator CLI and Titanium […]


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