The Possibilities for Fast JavaScript

There’s been lots of exciting news this summer about JavaScript performance improvements. We have Firefox’s TraceMonkey, Safari/WebKit’s SquirrelFish, and Google Chrome’s V8 all improving by leaps and bounds. On a sightly less exciting note, IE8 will contain 400 fewer memory leaks. This is all very exciting for developers of highly-interactive web-apps, and it makes the […]

Five Ways To Load Images Faster On Browser

If you’re running a heavy-app, you most likely will end up looking for ways to optimize its load time. Sometimes the issues are in your JS code, but many times it comes down to how many resources the browser has to load. Loading many JS files and images is generally not good because of the […]

We’re Teaming Up With Red Hat To Enable One-Click Deployment To The Cloud

Red Hat selected Titanium as the first mobile app development platform to be part of their Red Hat OpenShift Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and this is great news for our developers and theirs. As you told us in our developer survey last month (, cloud services are becoming more and more important in your mobile apps. So […]


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