Looking For a Few, Good Partners

What AppC is looking for in its ISV program.

Appcelerator Training and SI Partner: Shockoe – Integrating Mobile Apps into an Enterprise

If ever there was a perch in a company that connects all the dots: independent developers with really cool ideas, business decision makers with big budgets and bigger visions, or non-profit developers with efficient budgets and change-the-world dreams, it’s the position which I’m fortunate enough to occupy here at Appcelerator. I get to meet all […]

New Partner: Geoloqi – Location Changes Everything

I am in New York this week attending the TechCrunch Disrupt and I had the opportunity to catch up with my old friend Mike Bayle. Mike recently accepted the job to head up all of ESPN’s mobile strategy, and we had a good time reminiscing about our days working at startups in the first Internet […]

When Passion and Mobile Collide

History has proven passionate people, who unite for a common cause, create a revolution:  a revolution in thought, a revolution in perspective, a revolution with global impact. An explosive revolution is happening here in mobile. Let me net it out: the passion runs deep at Appcelerator, from the founders, developers, designers, engineers, services, sales.  Don’t […]

Checklist: Considerations Before Publishing an App

Creating an app is addicting. Brainstorming the idea with friends is invigorating. Crafting a mood board, the UI,  the UX is fun.  Architecting it to work cross-platform is a welcome challenge.  Inventing solutions to tackle problems is satisfying.  All of this is exciting until the project reaches the 80% completion mark.  There’s an invisible wall […]

Integrating Gestures Into Mobile Applications

In the often referenced Minority Report, Tom Cruise flips though crime files comprised of complex data sets and videos in a fully gesture supported immersive computing experience.  This is duplicated in Marvel’s Iron Man movies with Tony Stark flipping through 3-D models with mere gestures and voice control. A more real-time example of the power […]

Lessons Learned from the Field: Planning Mobile App Design

My role as Director of Professional Services for Appcelerator is, hands-down, one of the coolest jobs in the Valley.  In this role, I have the privilege to assist a huge number of companies at various stages of maturity, from start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations, plan and develop their mobile apps.  For some customers, we are […]

What Makes a Visually Appealing App?

With over 500,000 apps in the Apple Mac App Store and approximately 450,000 on Android, it’s important to create a strong visual interface that is simple, compelling and unique in order to stand out in the competitive market. It’s challenging to create the perfect app that appeals to all your users and clients. Part of a UI/UX designer’s […]


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