The Mobile Enterprise Debate: HTML5 vs. Native

No matter how you look at it, developing mobile apps can be a confusing, resource-intensive process for the enterprise.  Whie mobile provides enterprises with an uprecedented opportunity to transoform their relationships and build towards competitive advantage, companies need to reimagine their business model from a mobile- first view.  Of couse, this leads to the HTML5 […]

Enterprises Empowering Mobile Users

The mobile enterprise executive has one goal in mind – empower the employee to use their apps.  The employee has one request – to have the most easy to use, integrated and immersive set of enterprise applications at their fingertip. But how can this happen Who are your mobile users and how do your want […]

The Mobile Shift

Think back to just a few years ago. Could you imagine looking at the world through a mobile lens where you manage your entire life on tiny device? Could you envision empowering your work, socialization, and the way you engage through a device no bigger than the palm of your hand? Enter the bold generation of today […]

The Mobile Ecosystem: Becoming a Mobile First Enterprise

As markets go, I think it’s fair to say that the mobile ecosystem is still an emerging and relatively new one – (it’s hard to believe, but the Apple App Store opened it’s ‘doors’ a mere 4 years ago in 2008, and the first iPad came in 2009). And with any rapidly developing market, it’s […]

Appcelerator: A Visionary in Mobile Application Development

Gartner has long been the most respected game in town when it comes to assessments of information technology markets, including mobile application development platforms (MADPs). The research firm’s April 2012 “Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms” report details its findings on the state of the market and the notable players in it. Gartner’s “quadrant” […]

Native vs. HTML5: The Enterprise Argument

A variety of arguments come up in the native vs. HTML5 debate. When an enterprise is crafting its mobile application development strategy it must weigh many factors. It’s part of our mission at Appcelerator to stay abreast of these issues and give the thousands of developers who use our platform the best current information so […]

Native vs. HTML5: The Real World of the Mobile App Marketplace

The native vs. HTML5 debate isn’t an academic exercise; it’s a real business decision for thousands of companies looking to kick their mobile application development into higher gear. (Or to get started in the first place). So it can be very helpful to review some of the actual numbers and see how things are shaking out […]

Choosing and Managing Your Mobile App Technology

Entering the universe of mobile app creation can seem a difficult challenge for companies comfortably settled into the world of mature website technology. After all, any technology is only as good as the people who design and craft with it. And that’s you. You’re dealing with new and ever-evolving technology, and at the same time […]


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