Enterprise Webinar: Imagine the Possibilities of Enterprise Mobility

Mobile is driving fundamental shifts in the market at an unprecedented rate. New business models are being created, existing processes are being re-imagined and the user is king. Imagine the transformative possibilities for the enterprise when a mobile app becomes business critical: unlocking new efficiencies, competitive advantages and revenue streams. We’ll discuss how real customers […]

The Rule of Three for Enterprise Mobile Apps

So you’ve come to the conclusion that you need mobile apps for your company (or someone else has decided that for you, and its now up to you to implement). You know that apps can create a more robust user experience for your customers and improve the productivity of your employees, and you’re excited about […]

The Evolution of Mobile in the Enterprise: The Road to the Cross-Platform Framework

Technology moves fast. Understanding how the mobile space has developed can help us understand where we are today, and why we need the tools and capabilities a modern development framework can provide. Here is an outline of how the mobile ecosystem evolved to the present day. BlackBerry or bust. It wasn’t that long ago that […]

Enterprise Webinar: Old-school MEAPs for the Mobile Revolution? No Chance!

Traditional mobile enterprise application platforms (MEAPs) were built in a pre-smartphone era to mobilize desktop or web applications to a BlackBerry or WAP device. However, today’s mobile apps require a different app deployment strategy. Modern smartphones need to consume data from multiple sources, which traditional MEAPs cannot support. Only with the scalability and flexibility of […]

Enterprise Webinar: What Does ‘Mobile First’ Really Mean?

There is a lot of hype about becoming “Mobile First” these days. But what does Mobile First really mean to an Enterprise? Is Mobile First your first mobile application – No! Is it only about BYOD policies – No! Is it about extending your existing desktop apps to run on a Mobile device – No! […]

Webinar: No More Ugly Enterprise Apps!

Mobile First enterprises have realized that the end user is king. Users now expect superior user experiences and innovative functionality, even from enterprise apps. Consider the alternatives: low adoption rates, abandoned environments, employee frustration and the risk enterprises face by employees taking matters into their own hands by circumventing the firewall. The Design-Driven Development phase […]

Native vs. HTML5 – looked at objectively, the debate is over

Almost a year ago I wrote a white paper about Native versus HTML5 mobile app development, asking ‘Which option is best?’ Even then, the answer was pretty obvious: look at the question objectively, using a set of clear comparisons, and HTML5 is crushed by native development, even though HTML5 wins on a few points.  Strangely, […]

Webinar: Using Experience-driven Analytics to Improve the Success of Your Mobile Apps

Do you have the insights that you need to improve your mobile apps quickly and accurately? Development teams spend weeks building new mobile apps, which are released with great anticipation. Once in production, however, most enterprises struggle to understand how they perform, what features are being used the most, where the problems are, and how […]


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