Welcome Brian Carr as Appcelerator’s Chief Revenue Officer!

I’m excited to announce that Brian Carr is joining the Appcelerator team as our first Chief Revenue Officer. Brian’s extensive experience selling disruptive technology solutions will be invaluable during this time of rapid growth for Appcelerator. Brian was most recently the Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Services at Good Technology, and also held […]

Tablets the new platform to beat: so say 6,000+ mobile app developers

Today marks the release of our latest developer survey, the largest of its kind. The survey finds some interesting market trends, all from a group of folks who’ve proven to be wily prognosticators of the mobile space. One of the most striking trends shows tablets fast becoming the next computing platform. But as the graphic […]

Node.js is No.BS – The Appcelerator Take

There’s a lot of debate going at the moment about the overall readiness and maturity of Node.js – a server-side technology platform for building scalable networked apps in Javascript. What is clear though is that Node.js is growing like gangbusters, and it’s being adopted by millions of developers and large enterprises for a wide range […]

MyThomson App Spotlight – The Perfect Travel Companion

As the summer holidays fast approach, Europeans are preparing for their fun in the sun. To capitalize on this, TUI Travel has just rolled out its beautifully designed and Appcelerator-powered MyThomson mobile app along with a promotional video. A FTSE 100 company with a portfolio of 240 brands, TUI Travel is Europe’s largest and most successful […]

What iOS 7 hints at for broader mobility

Apple has spoiled us. That was my main thought, seeing Tim Cook’s keynote address at WWDC and then hearing the (now predictable) they’ve-lost-their-magic chorus. If iOS7 is what lost magic looks like, I’ll take it. Some broader trends occurred to me as I watched. Among them: HTML5 means well, but it can’t hope to catch the native experience. On […]

Gartner-Appcelerator Webinar: Transforming Your Enterprise with Mobile

Transforming Your Enterprise with Mobile Thursday, June 13th9:00AM – 10:00AM PST It’s easy to say “mobile is transformative.” What’s harder is getting started with a transformative mobile strategy, or describing exactly what mobile means to the modern enterprise. As it happens, every phase of the application lifecycle – planning, building, and running – is under […]

Enterprise Webinar: What Mobile Strategy Is Right For Your Business?

It is smart business to invest in an enterprise mobile strategy, but what’s the best way to get started? As enterprises struggle with the right way to implement their mobile application strategies, they are faced with the daunting decision of how to build that first app: 1) They can build a custom “one-off” native or […]

Recap of the Appcelerator Platform Launch Live Stream

[<a href=”//storify.com/appcelerator/recap-of-the-appcelerator-platform-launch-live-str” target=”_blank”>View the story “Recap of the Appcelerator Platform Launch Live Stream” on Storify</a>]


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