This Week’s Modules and Widgets

Every week we sum up all new and updated modules, widgets and other products listed on the Axway AMPLIFY Marketplace and found on GitHub by gitTio. Axway AMPLIFY Marketplace No new modules and widgets on the Axway AMPLIFY Marketplace this week. gitTio New and updated open-source modules and widgets found on GitHub by gitTio: Type […]

How to Create App Names with Special Characters

If you’re building cross-platform, native mobile apps with Titanium, you may have come across a need to have an app name that includes special characters like “Tom & Jerry” etc. If you try to set the name in your Tiapp.xml file, you’ll hit errors when building the app. Thankfully, there’s a simple solution which involves […]

Keep CALMS & DevOps: S is for Sharing

S is for Sharing in CALMS. One day, my son came home from kindergarten and was waxing lyrically about: “Sharing is caring”. A simple phrase taught to a child to help them to understand that sharing provides a benefit. I realize that there is a pattern developing here with my use of children’s sayings to […]

How to Run your API Builder Standalone Docker Image on AWS Fargate

In my last blog post on Running API Builder 4.0 Docker Images on AWS EC2, we described how to set up multiple AWS EC2 Linux instances and install Docker and the API Builder Docker image on the instances for a high availability (HA) architecture. However, this architecture did not include scaling to cover different loads […]

Titanium Livestream January Recap – The Extend Alloy Edition

Happy 2019! Hope your new year is off to a great start! This month, developer evangelist Rene Pot demonstrates Alloy. He shows how easy it is to get the most out of Alloy as he builds and explains an app while you watch! Below are the topics he covers. Overview: backbone events <require> <module> custom events […]

Keep CALMS & DevOps: M is for Measure

While thinking about how to articulate what “Measure” means for DevOps, I kept having flashbacks to a toy that my son had when he was younger. The toy was a Handy Manny doll which, when his belt buckle was pressed, would utter many useful and life affirming statements. One of the expressions uttered by Manny […]

Our 2019 Roadmap for Titanium

I am very excited to be able to kickoff my new role as Axway Developer Evangelism Lead by bringing you our 2019 roadmap for Titanium! After many years of developing with Titanium and other Axway products, it is an honor for me to be able to give mobile developers a glimpse into the future of […]

Keep CALMS & DevOps: L is for Lean

Often the adoption of DevOps goes hand-in-hand with the application of lean practices. Lean practices are focused on value creation for the end customer with minimal waste and processes. When thinking of lean practices, small nimble startups come to mind, but consider the behemoth Amazon. Image: CNET / James Martin You may have read the […]


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