iPhone simulator/Titanium Developer crash on 1.1.1+

OK, tonight we finally just figured out what has been causing Titanium Developer to crash. In fact, it was related to more 3.2 SDK related problems on our end. We have been able to rebuild the iphonesim binary using the correct parameters to allow it to run on 32-bit, 64-bit and on both 10.5 and […]

The Apple Rejection Economy and Therapy

There is one group that must be benefit from the Apple Rejection economy and that is therapists. I can tell you that being on the other end of Apple rejection process causes great angst, concern and stress. When dealing with stress, you attempt to understand it and face it head on as a way of […]

Titanium Mobile 1.1.2

OK, within hours of pushing 1.1.1 we found another critical fix. We would normally not ever do 2 quick pushes this close together but felt like we would err on the better side and push an update.

Titanium Mobile 1.1.1 maintenance release

Given we had a number of critical issues reported in the 1.1 final release we decided tonight to push a 1.1.1 maintenance release to everyone. Hopefully this will fix a number of the reported issues related to the iphone simulator on Leopard and on older versions of the iPhone SDK. In our testing, we failed […]

Introducing Titanium Mobile 1.1

We have just pushed Titanium Mobile 1.1. You should be getting automated update notifications inside Titanium Developer if you have not already. So here is a summary of what’s included. You can see all the resolved issues in our Issue Tracking System. Please review the specific items around the release and known issues. Table View […]

Upcoming 1.1 Release – March 22

Just in time for CTIA conference next week, we’ll be updating Titanium Mobile SDK to the 1.1 release. 1.1 Release This release will be a maintenance release. We have focused on 3 major parts for the release: Critical and high priority fixes reported by Pro subscribers and issues that are widespread and reported by the […]

Developer Updates for 3/16

We have just pushed a few updates to Developer Center. The following are the details of the changes. RSS Feeds You can now subscribe to RSS feeds for the Questions & Answers sections. This includes the various filters and any tag. Click on the RSS feed and place it in your favorite RSS viewer to […]

Developer Center update

Tonight we pushed a set of fixes to Appcelerator Developer based on a number issues reported and numerous feature requests by you – the community.  We hope you find these fixes and improvements useful.  So, what are the new improvements and fixes? Pagination/Search Fixes We found a number of problems with the pagination we were […]


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