Sunday morning outage

Hello everyone, My name is Chung Liu, and I recently joined Appcelerator in the role of Director of Cloud Engineering. Our developer site was down for a few hours on Sunday morning (November 15), and I would like to give our users an update on what happened and what we are doing to prevent outages […]

New Titanium Desktop Release is coming soon!

Dear Titanium Desktop developers, We have been reading your posts and emails and we’re working hard on the finishing touches on a new Titanium Desktop release. The highlights of the new upcoming Ti Desktop 1.1 Release are: Increased stability – many bugs fixed toward that goal Key performance improvements in some areas Updated Webkit with […]

New release of Titanium (1.4.2) supports Apple’s new IOS SDK 4.2

Hello everyone, I know a number of you have been curious about the recent news from Apple regarding the new IOS SDK 4.2, and how we will respond with Titanium Mobile. The good news is that we have been working through some issues with IOS SDK 4.2, and preparing for a Titanium release today. As […]

Appcelerator Announces $9M In Funding, PayPal Partnership

Today may just be the biggest day ever for the company and Appcelerator Titanium developers. We are announcing $9 million in Series B funding with Sierra Ventures leading the round and eBay participating as a strategic investor. We are also announcing a partnership with PayPal to deliver the first-ever mobile commerce platform to Titanium developers, […]

Names used with Titanium’s SQLite database

When working with the SQLite database in Titanium, there are at least 3 kinds of names that you’ll be dealing with. Because some of these names can be the same (but don’t need to be), this can sometimes get confusing. Here’s the story on how this naming stuff works. First, there’s the name of the […]

Updated TableView and Database API Reference Guides

The Titanium Mobile Reference Guides for TableView and Database have been updated. The only change in the TableView document is to clarify that the datatype for the data property can be an array of dictionaries, row objects or section objects. And when you read that property, it returns an array of sections. For the Database […]

View API Reference Guide now available

Check out the Titanium Mobile API Reference Guides. We’ve just uploaded the Titanium Mobile View Class API Reference Guide. It contains some sample programs that demonstrate how you can use views in different ways. The sample code that appears in the documents is not currently on our site, but it will be soon. I’ll make […]

Updated TableView API Reference Guide

I’ve posted an updated TableView API Reference Guide. The sample programs are revised and expanded, and there’s a much more extensive sample app that illustrates how you would use the className property of a TableViewRow. We’ll be continuing work with this series of documents; several more of these API Reference Guides will be coming later […]


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