Animations in Action

As part of the Festivus celebration we’ve added a new Festivus themed tutorial to the recently announced guides project entitled Animations in Action. The goal of this guide is to help users understand how to work with animations and transformations in Titanium. The tutorial covers topics such as point to point animations, animating an elements […]

Festivus Celebration Day Two – Airing of Grievances

Today is day two of our Festivus Celebration here at Appcelerator. The infamous Airing of Grievances. The day one winner of the Appcelerator swag pack is @jwelch222. As part of our giveaway today we’re releasing an Icon Pack under the Apache 2.0 license for developers to use with their own applications. This icon pack contains […]

Developer Center Q&A: New Feature

Last week we added a new feature to the Community Questions & Answers section of Developer Center. Community members can now subscribe to individual questions and receive email notifications when new comments and/or potential answers are added. Within the detail page of each question you will see a new subscribe option like in the screenshot […]

Titanium Desktop 1.1.0 is released

Dear Titanium Desktop developers, We have been reading your posts and emails and we’re working hard on the finishing touches on a new Titanium Desktop release. The highlights of the new upcoming Ti Desktop 1.1 Release are: Increased stability –  many bugs fixed toward that goal Key performance improvements in some areas Updated Webkit with […]

Appcelerator’s Festivus Celebration

Over the next 5 days we’re celebrating Festivus here at Appcelerator. During this time we’ll be sharing with you code examples/tutorials, developer case studies and other goodies. The days will include: Day 1 – Friday December 17th – Festivus pole Day 2 – Monday December 20th – Airing of Grievances Day 3 – Tuesday December […]

Titanium Mobile 1.5.1 is released.

Thank you for your strong interest in Monday’s Titanium 1.5 release. As a result of your efforts and feedback, we identified and fixed 4 important bugs. These fixes are included in the Titanium Mobile SDK 1.5.1 which is now available. Android Changes 2589: Auto-encoding with URL containing semicolon incorrect 2558: Email Dialog Address fields won’t […]

South Florida JavaScript Group December Meeting

The South Florida JavaScript Group December Meeting will be on Thursday, Dec 16th at 7pm. One of the presentations covered relates to mobile development using Appcelerator’s Titanium Platform. Also to note is that one of our Professional Services Engineer, Rick Blalock, is planning on attending and can help answer any questions. There will also be […]

Titanium Mobile 1.5.0がリリースされました

Titanium Mobile 1.5.0 正式版がリリースされました! Androidのサポートが特に進化しています。新しい機能の追加やパフォーマンス、品質の改善も行われています。 先週、私たちは2つのRC(リリース候補)をリリースし、いくつかの問題を発見しました。それらを修正しTitanium Mobile 1.5.0をリリースしました。 12/10にリリースした、1.5.0 RC2から下記のiOSの2つの問題が修正されています。 2559 – Push Notificationが動かない 1789 – SHA-1アルゴリズムの実装がおかしい What’s New 1.5.0では、iOSとAndroidでの500個の問題を修正・改善しました。 メモリ使用量・パフォーマンスの改善 Javascript Stylesheets (JSS)の追加 Localizationの追加 複数解像度(Multiple Density)イメージの追加 Drillbit – プラットフォーム ユニットテストの追加 クリップボードのサポート シンプルサービスのサポート モジュール開発キットの改善 1.5.0ではAndroidの機能が大幅に改善されました。 Andoridのネイティブクラスを追加: Activity, Service, Intent, PendingIntent, Menu, MenuItem. アクティビティやシンプルなサービスをサポート Extensive support for providing resources for the different screens and densities ピッカーのサポート カレンダーのサポート […]


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