Win $25k in’s Developer Challenge!

Our friends at have kicked off their first developer challenge, and they’re inviting Titanium developers to enter their apps and get a chance to win great prizes: All entrants who register for the contest will receive $75 in free InMobi ad spend. 1ST PLACE $25,000 Cash, $5,000 InMobi Ad Network Spend, and a Pitch […]

More for Everyone!

It’s yet another great day to be a Titanium developer. Effective immediately, we are adding to the products and services available to our community and subscribers. Mobile Debugging and a Full Training Program Now Available for Everyone Titanium Mobile Debugging — This is HUGE! Now everyone can speed and simplify their mobile debugging after completing […]

ライブラリやテンプレートを販売/購入できるMarketplaceのbeta programが始まります!

 私たちは常に、開発者がTitanium上でビジネスの構築ができる新しい方法を模索しています。 その中でも非常にエキサイティングな試みとして、数週間後にTitanium Marketplaceをオープンする予定です。このMarketplaceでは、ユーザインタフェースのデザインやテンプレート、Objective-CやJavaで書かれたモジュールなど、クールなアプリケーションの部品の売買を行う事ができます。  このMarketplaceのパブリッシャーのベータプログラムを開始します。特にMarketplaceがオープン直後に大きなアクセスが予想されるため、非常にオススメです。  もし、クールなデザイン部品、テンプレート、モジュール、フレームワークなどを、Titanium上で作っているなら、ぜひMarketplaceに出品してみませんか? • 販売価格の70%が開発者の収益になります • フリートライアルを設定することも可能です • 年中無休で24時間営業 • Titanium Developerなら簡単に始められます。  ご興味のある方は、ベータプログラムに登録して、Marketplaceにあなたのライブラリを並べてみませんか?

Building apps with modules

Editor’s note: The most up-to-date version of this tutorial is available in our wiki titled, Configuring Apps to Use Modules. One of the amazing and powerful features of Titanium Mobile, is the ability to extend the platform using modules. These modules are written and compiled in the native language of the OS and allow for […]

Last Day to SAVE $200 on CODESTRONG Registration!

Our early-bird discount ends TODAY … so buy your CODESTRONG ticket now and save $200 off of the normal $899 price! Keynotes from Jeff Haynie and Nolan Wright Day One keynotes will be delivered by Appcelerator co-founders Jeff Haynie, CEO, and Nolan Wright, CTO. These highly interactive sessions will give key insights into where the […]

Be the first to publish in Appcelerator’s Marketplace – Join the beta program!

We’re always looking for new ways for developers to build their businesses on Titanium. One of the exciting opportunities that we will be launching in a few weeks is the Titanium Marketplace, where our 1.5 million developers can buy and sell all the cool pieces of software that make Titanium applications great … things like […]

Titanium Desktop – Node.js Prototype

A few weeks ago we received a series of questions from the community about using Node.js with Titanium Desktop. Using a remote Node.js server with the Titanium mobile and/or desktop applications is not much different that working with any remote service. Working with a local Node.js server however is somewhat problematic in that most desktop […]

Save $200 on CODESTRONG if you register by June 30th!

Our Early Bird Registration ends this Thursday – so buy your CODESTRONG ticket now and save $200 off of the normal $899 price! Great news – now you can save $200 on the mobile development event of the year, but only if you register by June 30th. Visit the website today to get the details […]


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