Titanium Mobile 1.5.1 is released.

Thank you for your strong interest in Monday’s Titanium 1.5 release. As a result of your efforts and feedback, we identified and fixed 4 important bugs. These fixes are included in the Titanium Mobile SDK 1.5.1 which is now available. Android Changes 2589: Auto-encoding with URL containing semicolon incorrect 2558: Email Dialog Address fields won’t […]

South Florida JavaScript Group December Meeting

The South Florida JavaScript Group December Meeting will be on Thursday, Dec 16th at 7pm. One of the presentations covered relates to mobile development using Appcelerator’s Titanium Platform. Also to note is that one of our Professional Services Engineer, Rick Blalock, is planning on attending and can help answer any questions. There will also be […]

Titanium Mobile 1.5.0がリリースされました

Titanium Mobile 1.5.0 正式版がリリースされました! Androidのサポートが特に進化しています。新しい機能の追加やパフォーマンス、品質の改善も行われています。 先週、私たちは2つのRC(リリース候補)をリリースし、いくつかの問題を発見しました。それらを修正しTitanium Mobile 1.5.0をリリースしました。 12/10にリリースした、1.5.0 RC2から下記のiOSの2つの問題が修正されています。 2559 – Push Notificationが動かない 1789 – SHA-1アルゴリズムの実装がおかしい What’s New 1.5.0では、iOSとAndroidでの500個の問題を修正・改善しました。 メモリ使用量・パフォーマンスの改善 Javascript Stylesheets (JSS)の追加 Localizationの追加 複数解像度(Multiple Density)イメージの追加 Drillbit – プラットフォーム ユニットテストの追加 クリップボードのサポート シンプルサービスのサポート モジュール開発キットの改善 1.5.0ではAndroidの機能が大幅に改善されました。 Andoridのネイティブクラスを追加: Activity, Service, Intent, PendingIntent, Menu, MenuItem. アクティビティやシンプルなサービスをサポート Extensive support for providing resources for the different screens and densities ピッカーのサポート カレンダーのサポート […]

Titanium Mobile 1.5.0 is GA today!

Titanium Mobile Release 1.5.0 is launched to eager hordes of Web developers who are creating Native mobile applications. Android support is greatly expanded.

Release Candidate for Titanium Mobile 1.5.0

The long anticipated Titanium Mobile 1.5.0’s general availability (GA) release is getting close. We’re anticipating rolling out the GA release early next week. On Monday we had an internal release candidate, found a few issues, and are now ready to make Titanium Mobile 1.5.0 Release Candidate 2 available for those of you who want to […]

Titanium and Android SDK Tools r8

Yesterday, Google released an update to it’s SDK Tools to support Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). For the last couple of SDK Tools updates, Google has unfortunately rearranged the layout of it’s SDK, causing our tools to fail whenever they are used with a newer version. I’ve pushed a fix on master that fixes Titanium for the […]

New Comment Policy

As we’ve grown in size we’ve seen both encouraging and discouraging comments. We’ve now reached a point where the discouraging is starting to outweigh the encouraging and we’re having to spend quite a bit of time evaluating and moderating comments. As so we’re announcing a new comment policy here for the developer blog. It’s key […]


We were very impressed to find this community-driven open source project, Livetanium, which allows for real-time editing of Titanium source, complete with deployment to the iPhone emulator. The project was pioneered by team krawaller, developers of the Titanium-based word game Golingo (buy it!). Says Jacob Waller: Made out of titanium, nodejs and unicorns, our Livetanium […]


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