The new way we UDID

A major change that came along with iOS5 was Apple’s deprecation of a platform-generated unique device identifier (UDID). In previous Titanium releases, this property was accessed via “”, and was frequently used to track per-user data in mobile applications. While this property can still be accessed in iOS 5, it is not certain how long […]

Forging Titanium Episode 11: Titanium & Underscore.js

Editor’s note: This and future episodes of Forging Titanium are available here. As Titanium developers, we are constantly looking for ways to not only increase our ability as mobile developers, but as Javascript developers as well. Wrapping your head around powerful utility libraries like Underscore.js and using them in your own code is one important […]

Weekly Marketplace Update: Earn 20% Off Your Next Marketplace Purchase by Telling Us About Your Apps Using Appcelerator Modules

Are you using any Appcelerator modules in your apps?  If so, let us know! Have you successfully published an application using an Appcelerator module? Earn 20% off your next Marketplace purchase by tweeting about your app and including the #mp_module hashtag in your message. We’ll catch the tweet, retweet it via @AppcMarketplace and DM you […]

5 Secrets to Successfully Publishing in Appcelerator’s Marketplace

Thanks to everyone who attended "5 Secrets to Successfully Publishing in Appcelerator’s Marketplace" webcast on October 13. For those of you who missed it, please check out the slides and video from the presentation below. This webcast features Ruben Fonseca, the publisher of Testflight, the #1 Product to date in the Marketplace. Ruben shares an […]

Titanium Mobile 1.7.3 Release Is Live

Our latest patch release for Titanium Mobile has arrived in 1.7.3 – this release includes numerous bug fixes and enhancements, including: Compatibility with iOS 5 CommonJS module implementation fixes Debugger improvements Much more Thank you as always to all our users, and let us know what you think!  Titanium Studio should prompt you to update […]

Twitter Library Contest Winner

The time has come to announce the winner of the Twitter library competition. After long consideration, we’ve decided that Erik Bryn is the winner of the competition! While all the libraries submitted had their strengths (and flaws), we thought Erik’s code was the cleanest to patch and maintain going forward for the community. Erik’s Twitter […]

Titanium Quickie: Toggling Object In A TableViewRow

Editors Note: This technique will work only in Titanium Mobile 1.7.x. This article was cross-posted with permission from Aaron Saunders at Clearly Innovative. So, the basic problem is that we have a checkBox, switch, button or any object that we need to capture the click event for and keep some state information about that object. […]

Twitter Client Library Contest – Judging In Progress

Thanks to all of you who submitted a Twitter client library for our developer contest! We have all the repositories cloned and are reviewing the libraries. However, with the number of entries we received it’s looking like we’ll need additional time to test and vette them all. We will do our best to settle on […]


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