Your Very Own MBaaS: How to Move from Parse to Appcelerator Arrow

Well, we know the bad news: Parse is shutting down. This tweet sums up the feelings of plenty of devs: The good news? Appcelerator Arrow has you covered. Whether you need data storage, APIs, push notifications, mobile analytics, or all of the above, we’ve got it. Jump into a free trial and see for yourself. […]

Introducing iOS 9 Support, watchOS 2 Connectivity, and the Launch of Appcelerator Labs!

Apple just buttoned up iOS 9, and as you’ve (hopefully) come to expect, here we are releasing GA support for the new OS version on the same day of its general availability. Now, developers can immediately prepare their apps to be iOS 9-compatible and start to take advantage of new capabilities, including multitasking, app thinning […]

What’s this App U Thing All About?

When we launched 4.0 and Arrow earlier this month and announced a new day for the Platform, we were excited to see what the response would be.


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