How to Make your App Future Proof

If you’ve been using Titanium for a while, you know it can sometimes be frustrating to have to make the app work again after a breaking change is implemented in a new major version. And, while this doesn’t happen very often, sometimes it does. Usually, this is a good thing, because it allows the Axway […]

8 Tips to Speed Up Titanium App Development – Now and in the Future

There are always things that you need to do while developing apps. Things that keep coming back, or things you don’t do often enough. This article should cover some cases, so you can spend more time on actually developing. 1. iOS & encryption Every build, Apple asks you wether or not you use encryption technology. […]

Enhancing Titanium: Use staballoy to enable simple data-binding

Data-binding in Titanium’s Alloy is pretty straightforward when you’re using models and collections to store your data. However, with things that are just singular, like a profile picture, a username or just certain colors/properties, you don’t really need models. And then, there is no option to do data-binding really. Of course, you can do it […]

Taking Classes in Titanium Alloy to the Next Level

Styling in Titanium is done by applying properties to a UI component. In both classic and Alloy, this is done by properties. myUIElement.backgroundColor = “#ffffff”; In Alloy, you have the option to style using ids and classes. They work the same as they do in css. ids are unique, classes can be applied to multiple UI elements. This makes styling […]

TiSlack Surpasses 2000 Members!

NOTE: TiSlack was founded by Rene before he joined Axway Appcelerator. And, it remains by and for the community. That said, we are thrilled that Rene started this communication channel and hope all of you will join it and participate. After a Titanium meetup and a couple discussions an idea was born to set up […]

Moving A Classic Titanium App to Alloy

Last month, we explained some of the benefits of using Alloy instead of classic Titanium to build your apps. So, if you’ve got a classic Titanium app up and running and want to leverage all the great things Alloy has to offer, you might want to migrate your app to Alloy. And while this may […]

Using NPM Packages in Titanium

Let’s begin with the fact that the above – Using NPM Packages in Titanium – is possible. Yep, it truly is. I noticed a lot of people were unaware of the fact they could just plug in any NPM package they wanted. So… how do we set this up? Run npm init in the app/lib folder […]

Dynamically Style Your App Based on Device Orientation

Alloy has some really interesting ways of styling your app. Not only can you create styles based on IDs and classes, but it’s also possible to add rules to that. Most people already use this by specifying platform specific style rules like this: “Label[platform=ios]”: { width: Ti.UI.SIZE, height: Ti.UI.SIZE, color: “#000” } However, what a […]
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