5 Mobile Influencers to Follow in 2016

It’s a wacky world out there for developers, with user demands constantly shifting and new interaction models popping up as if from thin air. Staying on top of the latest trends and creating truly innovative experiences (while still satisfying business needs) is an all-too-real challenge. Following mobile influencers — from industry innovators to API experts […]

Featured Video: Getting Started with Alloy

Need help navigating Appcelerator’s mobile capabilities? We’re here to make sure you get the most out of Titanium, Arrow and the Platform. That’s why we’re continually expanding Appcelerator University as a learning resource to help you get moving quickly. Today’s featured video provides an introduction to Appcelerator’s Alloy, an MVC framework that sits on top […]

Understanding the Android Material Theme

In Titanium SDK 3.3.0, Appcelerator started using the Android AppCompat library. This native library provided background compatibility for the ActionBar, resulting in a more consistent and unified visual representation of your Android apps across Android devices, especially those running Android 2.x. To style Android apps under Titanium 3.x, you needed to create native Android Styles, […]

Migrating Node.ACS Applications to Arrow

On September 1, 2015, Appcelerator’s Node.ACS servers will be discontinued in favor of Arrow Cloud, which is part of the new 4.0 Platform. (NB: This retirement date was subsequently pushed by more than a year to October 3, 2016, to give users adequate time to migrate.) If you have a Node.ACS application and the published […]

Making the Mental Shift from Web to Mobile Development

When mobile developers adopt a truly mobile mindset, the result is well-designed apps that better align to user needs. Recognizing and making the mental shift required for mobile development can make all the difference in a world where user experience reigns supreme.

Facebook Graph API v2.0

During the recent F8 Developers Conference, Facebook announced their API v2.0, and with this, the deprecation of API v1.0. This means that by April 30th, 2015, any Appcelerator app using Facebook services needs to be updated. Our SDK is ready and you can start testing your app with the new Facebook modules. To start testing […]

Create the Ultimate User Experience: Must-Have Appcelerator Modules

The mobile movement isn’t coming; it’s here. If you don’t believe me, check out mobile app marketplaces (Apple’s App Store, Google Play, etc.). They’re flooded with apps, many of which have overlapping features, serve similar purposes and are geared toward the same audiences. Users are able to pick from millions of apps, which means we […]

Extensions and Apple WatchKit Support

Earlier today, Apple announced their updated product line, and with it, the much anticipated Apple Watch. Amongst other things, you’ll be able to use this watch to receive notifications, answer phone calls and talk to Siri, as well as use it as a fitness activity tracker. If you missed the event, you can catch the […]


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