What’s New in the AMPLIFY Developer Portal?

With the announcement of the new AMPLIFY Developer Portal at the end of March, we introduced one place to find all developer-focused Axway content including announcements, blogs, technical documentation and tutorials. It’s a popular place for our developers to find information for mobile app development as well as API development. We have new and more […]

Introducing the AMPLIFY Developer Portal 

Axway’s new AMPLIFY Developer Portal is here! The new Developer Portal brings our mobile app developer users and API developer users to one place to find announcements, blogs, tools, tutorials and more. The AMPLIFY Developer Portal is one-stop shopping for everything developer-related – from our API Management offering to API Builder to Titanium and mobile […]

Going Strong – Titanium 7 and Beyond

For nearly 10 years, Appcelerator has been making history. The first major milestone was back in March 2010 when we announced general availability (GA) of Titanium 1.0. It has been a long time by technology standards, and also a sign of maturity, expertise, and evolution. The pace of change in mobile has been breakneck since […]

Refreshed Axway Appcelerator

As many of you may have observed, we have been in the process of rebranding and renaming our offering. Our new brand – Axway Appcelerator – represents two words that combine our company name and our well-known brand in the mobile app development industry. By design, we maintained a separate Appcelerator identity until now to […]


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