Featured Module — TiNy

Originally written by Fokke Zandbergen, TiNy, or “tn” for short, is more of a package than a module, but it’s worthy of mention as part of this blog series. TiNy is a wrapper for the Titanium and Appcelerator CLI (Command Line Interface) that allows you to do the same but with less keystrokes. It comes […]

“Featured Modules & Widgets” Coming Soon

We’re working on a new blog series that will put the spotlight on some of the best open-source Titanium modules and widgets out there – so Native and JS modules, and Alloy Widgets. What makes a good module or widget? We’ll be assessing them based on the following: is the module / widget available on […]

Titanium Talk Episode 12 – Upcoming 8.0.0 Release

In the latest Episode of Titanium Talk, Jason Kneen and Brenton House discuss the upcoming Titanium SDK 8.0.0 release, all the new features including cross-platform tabbed bar, navigation window and more! Check it out, along with past episodes: Apple Podcasts Google Play Music Listen online now

How to Create App Names with Special Characters

If you’re building cross-platform, native mobile apps with Titanium, you may have come across a need to have an app name that includes special characters like “Tom & Jerry” etc. If you try to set the name in your Tiapp.xml file, you’ll hit errors when building the app. Thankfully, there’s a simple solution which involves […]

Titanium Talk Episode 11 – Welcome Back Brenton

In the latest Titanium Talk, we welcome back Brenton House, who has joined Axway to head up Developer Evangelism! In this episode, Brenton and I talk about new Titanium SDK releases – including future breaking changes that mobile developers should be planning for now. Check it out, along with past episodes: Apple Podcasts Google Play […]

How to Add Siri Shortcuts to your Titanium App

One of the cool new features of iOS 12 is Siri Shortcuts, a way to enable Siri to interact with apps to perform specific tasks and actions configured within the app itself. For example, in iOS 12 notes, you can associate a phrase with a note, so when I’m making home-made pizza I can say […]

Titanium Talk with Adam Armstrong

In the latest Titanium Talk podcast, I speak to Titan Adam Armstrong, a cross-platform mobile developer working full-time for AmWINS and freelance for implicitli. He’s also an ice hockey goalie and coach. We talk about Adam’s background, how he got into cross-platform development with Titanium, how he and his business use it and the Appcelerator […]

Hacking the Mobile Dev Process: How I Manage Client Expectations

Regardless of what language or tool you use to develop mobile apps, there is always a constant that can’t be ignored — the client, whether it’s a direct client, agency, or a stakeholder within a bigger organisation. Most clients who I work with don’t care much about the technologies that I use. They rarely know […]


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