Hyperloop is Here

[May 2017 update: Hyperloop is now a part of our FREE Indie plan, and includes support for iOS, Android and Windows!] Today, after three-odd years in the lab (including almost a year in public beta), we’re taking the wraps off Hyperloop. Wait–make that: WE’RE TAKING THE WRAPS OFF HYPERLOOP! What is Hyperloop? We think of […]

WWDC 2016: Apple’s Conference Goes to the Developers

WWDC may have been a little underwhelming for consumers this year, but it was a big week for the developer community. This year, the conference was all about developers as Apple opens up key applications in its platform for third-party access. The company released numerous APIs for previously closed-off Apple features, giving developers new ways […]

App Designer & App Preview: From Our Labs to You

It’s graduation season, and I’m happy to report that both App Designer and App Preview—two products that we made available via Appcelerator Labs last fall—are ready to collect their diplomas and go out into the wider world. App Designer brings to the Appcelerator Platform the very latest in RMAD technology. It lets you visually design […]

The Appcelerator Platform: New Plans, More Price Points, More Flexibility

Today I’m happy to announce a new array of plans for the Appcelerator Platform. These plans take into account both the new capabilities we’ve released into market over the past year, as well as your feedback on what you’d like to buy and how you’d like to buy it. There are three key updates: You […]

Axway Acquires Appcelerator—And Why This is Great News for All

I’m pleased to announce that Appcelerator has been acquired by Axway (Euronext: AXW.PA), a global software company with more than 11,000 public- and private-sector customers in 100 countries. There are three major reasons we’re excited about this deal: Axway is as passionate as we are about helping people build great mobile experiences. The word ‘mobile’ […]

2015 Appcelerator / IDC Mobile Trends Report: Leaders, Laggards and the Data Problem

It’s here: our annual Mobile Trends Report, a survey of developers (almost 6,000) conducted with our friends from IDC. The mobile world moves fast, meaning every year we line up a new set of questions to get at the thoughts, issues, concerns and habits of mobile developers, straight from the source. A few of the […]

Fast Mobile API Development: Arrow Builder Now Available on Azure

tl;dr You can now run APIs built using Arrow Builder on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. Yes, really! For the past eight years, we’ve been working to simplify the work it takes to build great mobile apps. That started of course with Titanium, which lets developers build great, native mobile apps using JavaScript. And because great […]

Appcelerator Ties for Highest Market Presence Score in Mobile Infrastructure Services Report

A little over a year ago, our co-founder Nolan Wright wrote a blog entitled MADP Revisited: How The Mobile Landscape is Evolving. At issue was the way the “MADP” (Mobile App Development Platforms) marketspace had traditionally emphasized front-end development to the exclusion of almost everything else. He points approvingly to Forrester Research’s broader concept of […]


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