GA Release of Hyperloop 2.2.1

Today, we published the General Availability (GA) release of Hyperloop 2.2.1, which includes 4 bug fixes addressing reported issues from the previous version. For a more detailed overview, see the release notes: Hyperloop 2.2.1 Release Note Note: This is the last Hyperloop release to support Node 4. Please update the Node LTS for future releases. […]

Supporting iPhone X in Titanium

During their keynote on Tuesday, Apple presented their new flagship iPhone – called iPhone X – along with iPhone 8 and iPhone 8+. As the iPhone X has some significant differences from other iPhone models, here’s a quick heads-up, so developers can migrate their apps to support the iPhone X from its launch in early […]

WWDC 2017: Recap & Titanium Support

The Apple World Wide Developer Conference is taking place in San Jose this week. There are tons of great recaps out there (e.g. The Verge, Techcrunch and Macrumors). Here, I am going to focus on the changes for developers, especially for you as a Titanium developer! Here are some of the relevant new features, improvements […]

Updating to Xcode 8.2 and SDK 6.0.1

Apple released Xcode 8.2 last Tuesday, along with a change to the Simulator that allows developers to drag-and-drop apps to the Simulator to install them. While this is a cool feature, it unfortunately also broke the simctl utility we use to start apps in the Simulator. Long story short: We have a fix in place […]

KitchenSink Sample App 2.0

As part of the newly announced 6.0.0 Appcelerator Platform release, we also published a completely revamped version of our KitchenSink sample app. The sample app has been rewritten from scratch and now features the best practices we recommend Appcelerator developers follow (e.g. Alloy, launch-screen storyboards, and JavaScript constructors). The new KitchenSink app features examples of […]

Hyperloop: Working with Native Controls in Android

In this post, we’re going to provide a quick introduction to Hyperloop by adding an Android Button to a Titanium Alloy project and adding a click event handler. We’ll be writing code in JavaScript and using Hyperloop to access the underlying Android SDK, working directly with the android.widget.Button class. This example focuses on Android. For […]

Recent Facebook Developer Alert

Over the last day, several developers (not just those using Titanium) received an E-Mail from Facebook about the end of the deprecation-phase for Facebook Graph 2.0 and earlier: [APP NAME] has been making recent API calls to Graph API v2.0, which will reach the end of the 2-year deprecation window on Monday, August 8, 2016. […]

Reporting from #WWDC16

The WWDC is rocking San Francisco this week and our two engineers Kiat and Hans have the pleasure to attend it this year. After two days done and three more to come, they would like to give you a brief overview about new technologies and – most important – the way we plan to integrate […]
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