Beta Releases for CLI 5.4.0, Titanium 5.4.0, and Appcelerator Studio 4.7.0

Today, we published Beta Releases for the Appcelerator CLI 5.4.0, Titanium SDK 5.4.0 and Appcelerator Studio 4.7.0 in preparation for a GA later this month. This is a huge point release, with over 230+ issues resolved. It also includes… Hyperloop. That’s right. Hyperloop has been in public beta via Appcelerator Labs for months now, but […]

Sample App Walkthrough: Corporate Directory App

Appcelerator Studio contains a number of samples for new developers to use as learning tools. The Corporate Directory app showcases cross-platform development, the benefits of Titanium Stylesheets and Alloy Backbone / Models. This exercise is a walkthrough of the Corporate Directory app to demonstrate the use of Titanium and Alloy for developing mobile apps. Cross […]

App Designer: Watch the Video, See the Tech Talk

Last week was a big week for us. Among the barrage of announcements, we unveiled App Designer, a new drag-and-drop UI design capability. Designer is a plug-in for Appcelerator Studio which is available, in beta, as part of the new Appcelerator Labs. We spent quite a bit of time looking for and crafting a solution […]

File Uploads with Appcelerator Arrow and ArrowDB

Storing data in the cloud has never been easier thanks to Appcelerator Arrow. Sometimes though you need to be able to do more than just store user input, you need the ability to upload files of varying types and sizes to support the needs of your app. Today we’re going to look at how to […]


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