Featured Video & Tech Talk: Custom Analytics Queries

One of the most impactful new features of the September Release is the ability to create custom analytics queries. Query Builder, as it is known in Appcelerator Labs, gives you infinitely more control over your app’s analytics data. You now have the power to dive below the macro-level KPIs to slice and dice the data […]

App Preview Video & Tech Talk: Distribute Beta Apps with Ease

This week’s featured video explores App Preview, a new beta capability available in Appcelerator Labs that lets you easily distribute beta versions of your apps to testers and stakeholders. Preview fills a hole left in the market for cross-platform beta distributions following the acquisitions of TestFlight and HockeyApp. We’re excited to get this built into […]

Announcing Box Connectors For Appcelerator Arrow

Today at the Box Dev 2015 conference, held in San Francisco, we announced a key partnership with the storage and file-sharing service. It will bring a connector to Appcelerator Arrow, allowing mobile developers to build apps with open doors to data stored on Box.

Tweet to Activate: The AppC Community Gets Creative For a Chance at Early Platform Access

Earlier this month, we announced Appcelerator Platform 4.0, which includes our latest innovation, Arrow, a slick new opinionated framework for building and running APIs.

Samsung and PayPal Team Up, Ford Looks Forward and More: This Week in Enterprise Mobility

App Engagement On the Rise A new report from Localytics published this week was filled with promising news for mobile developers. TechCrunch reported on the study, which showed that in-app user engagement is up 21% since 2013, as measured by the average time users are spending inside of their apps. These findings support reports from […]

Announcing our iOS 8 Support with Appcelerator SDK/Studio 3.4.0 Release

Update: we’ve now released our official Studio/SDK 3.4.0 GA providing support for iOS 8 and iPhone 6. You can read more about this release in this blog post. iOS 8 is here! As Apple releases iOS 8 we release our support for it in our RC version of Appcelerator SDK/Studio 3.4.0. You now can take […]

iOS 8 Readiness Checklist

Apple’s latest mobile OS is due Wednesday, September 17. Are you ready?   I/we have downloaded the XCode 6 GM seed (which requires OS X Mavericks or Yosemite).   I/we have downloaded the iOS 8 simulator and SDK to ensure forward- and backward-compatibility of our apps.   I/we have read the latest in UI guides […]

The Big Apple Circus: This Week in Enterprise Mobility

Unless you spent the week under a rock, you already know the big news last week came straight from Apple’s keynote. Below, what it means for enterprise mobility (and a little news from Twitter, too). Apple Pageantry Delivers Updated iPhones, New Smart Watch, iOS 8 and Apple Pay Since it was a big announcement, with […]


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