Featured Developer – Jason Kneen

In today’s “Featured Developer” post we’ll be talking with Jason Kneen, a long time developer who has recently seen some great success with latest app Adrian James Bootcamp. As an active Titan, Jason is also a valued member of the Titanium community. Rather than stealing his thunder, I figured I’d let Jason introduce himself. In […]

Mobile Cloud Services: Data Persistence Across Devices

As always, we are looking at ways to empower the mobile developer to transform the world through innovative and leading-edge technologies.  Cloud services is a great example of integrating easily scalable features in your application, such as custom data and user integration. In response to developer requests, we’ve integrated  Appcelerator Cloud Services into the ToDo […]

Mobilize Your MongoDB! – Part 4

Editor’s Note: Reposted with permission from the OpenShift developer blog, and author Grant Shipley. During Part 3 of the developing iPhone and Android apps in the cloud series, we went over signing up for a brewerydb.com account as well as downloading and deploying the BeerShift backend source code on OpenShift. In this blog post, we […]

Mobilize Your MongoDB! – Part 3

Editor’s Note: Reposted with permission from the OpenShift developer blog, and author Grant Shipley. During Part 2 of this BeerShift series, we went over all of the required dependencies required for the BeerShift application to run. We installed Titanium Studio, Xcode, the Android SDK, and the OpenShift client tools. We also signed up for OpenShift […]

Getting Started with Mobile Web

The release of our 2.0 SDK included with it the Mobile Web Release Candidate. The Mobile Web SDK is a port of our Titanium SDK to the HTML5 specification. For the initial release, we support methods and objects that are in the HTML5 specification but, in time, it will be extended support beyond just the […]

Web Directions South 2011

It’s been two weeks since Web Directions South 2011 in Sydney, Australia, and we thought it was about time to write a quick wrap up about our trip down under. First off, we’d like to thank everyone at Web Directions for putting together such an wonderful conference, and for being so hospitable. We were a […]

Themed iOS Application Using Marketplace Assets

Within the Titanium UI there are a number of components that can be customized far beyond simply changing the component’s size and color. Using these components in concert allows you to create fully themed mobile applications. With the addition of the Appcelerator Marketplace, it is easier than ever to find the assets to help you […]

Meet Community Support Engineer – Anthony Decena

Editors Note: This is a post that’s part of a series on Developer Relations at Appcelerator and the people behind the team. Tell us who you are? My name is Anthony Decena – Rockstar web developer, javascript ninja, and all around great guy from Las Vegas, NV. I’m just you’re average everyday evil genius with […]


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