This Week’s Modules & Widgets

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Every week we sum up all new and updated modules, widgets and other products listed on the Axway Marketplace and found on GitHub by gitTio.

Use the Developer Portal Updates page to follow new releases throughout the week. Here are the updates since March 16th 2018:

Axway Marketplace

New modules and widgets on the Axway Marketplace:

Type Title / Description Price  

Syncplicity Extension for Chrome Browser

Syncplicity Extension for Chrome Browser provides the ability to add files to Syncplicity using an additional context menu item in Chrome browser.

Free new

Syncplicity for OneNote 365

Syncplicity for OneNote 365 add-in provides the ability to embed shared links to your OneNote 365 pages.

Free new

Adobe Sign connector (DEMO USE ONLY)

Send documents from your Syncplicity account to Adobe Sign for signing, track progress of who has signed/not-signed the documents, and once sign-off is complete, in your Syncplicity account, retrieve signed copies of documents from Adobe Sign.

Free new

Circuit by Unify

Circuit by Unify is everything your teams need to communicate in a single persistent chat app. It’s voice, video, screen share, chat, and file sharing. It’s collaboration made simple, using state of the art webrtc technology

Free new


New and updated open-source modules and widgets found on GitHub by gitTio:

Type Title / Description Version  


2.0.1 updated


1.0.1 updated


Exposes the AirPrint API to Titanium Mobile applications.

2.0.0 updated


TiWS is a very simple Titanium module (iOS / Android) for creating native websockets.

3.0.0 updated
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