Titanium 5.2.0 Sample App

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Yesterday we released Titanium 5.2.0.GA with over 30 new features. We have also published a series of walkthroughs in the weeks following the release:

We did so using the new Titanium 5.2.0 Sample App which is now available:

Running the Sample

Don’t wait for me and download and build the app.

Via Appcelerator Studio
  1. Import it via Dashboard if available.
  2. Or import it via File > Import… > Git > Git Repository as New Project with URI:
  3. Select a Simulator or Device to build to via Run > Run As.
  1. Clone the repository:
    git clone https://github.com/appcelerator-developer-relations/appc-sample-ti500
  2. To run it with appc run first import it to the platform:
    appc new --import --no-services
  3. Build to Simulator or Device:
    [appc run | ti build] -p ios [-T device]

– Code Strong 🚀

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  1. Matthew

    Thanks for the sample app!

    Is there a way to detect if the app is currently in Split View mode? Even better an event that we can hook into if the Split View is being enabled / resized?

    • Matthew

      Answered my own question. Looks like the “resumed” event is fired when the Split Screen is resized. It gives me a starting point anyway…

  2. Gracias por el codigo ejemplo de App, saludos desde México!!!

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