Four Mobile Strategy Lessons for 2015

2014 has been a big year in mobile. Facebook debuted two offshoot apps, Google released Inbox and Apple announced Apple Pay, iOS 8 and the iPhone 6 (not to mention the Apple Watch, due in early 2015). But tech companies weren’t the only ones to embrace mobile innovation in 2014. Many other industries—including a few […]

Windows Platform Preview

We are excited to provide a preview of the new Titanium Mobile infrastructure and architecture for Windows. Bringing a new platform to Titanium Mobile is a particular source of pride. Of course, with Titanium’s tens of thousands of existing applications and thousands of APIs comes great responsibility and required compatibility. The platform includes a re-imagining […]

ICYMI: Top 10 Posts to Prepare For 2015

It’s been a huge year for mobility, from big announcements at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference and the ongoing conversation surrounding mobile app security to the growing prominence of “mobile-first” development and an increase in hackathons to bring new mobile ideas to life. As you wrap up your year and start thinking about 2015, kick back […]

RC Version of Titanium SDK 64-bit Support Now Available

We’re now releasing our RC version of the Titanium SDK with support for 64-bit builds on iOS. A reminder that starting February 1st 2015, Apple will require that all new App Store submissions be compiled using the iOS 8 SDK, and support 64-bit architectures.. In an updated move, Apple is now allowing existing applications until […]

Update on Hyperloop and Ti.Next, and Introducing HAL

NOTE: The information in this post is dated. For the very latest on Hyperloop, see here. tl;dr: A ton of progress has been made on Hyperloop® and Ti.Next over the past six months and we have a big set of exciting changes coming in 2015. Background We announced an ambitious project we called Hyperloop over […]

A Mobile World is an Offline World (And What This Means for Your Apps)

Stuck on underground public transport. Up in the air, without Wi-Fi. Dead zones between cell towers. We all know the reality: mobile users and their internet connections are soon parted. This may be one of the sneakier major differences between the old web world and the new mobile one. In the web days, a relatively […]

Beacon Technology Takes Hold in Retail: This Week In Mobility

IBM and Apple Release First Set of Business Apps In an attempt to transform the way enterprise uses mobile, IBM and Apple have released the first installment of mobile business apps in what is expected to eventually become a portfolio of 100 or more. After announcing their partnership last summer, IBM and Apple have been […]

Beta Version of Titanium SDK 64-bit Support Now Available

After additional testing, we’ve now moved the build status to beta, with just one or two known issues remaining. You will note the bump in versions to 3.5.0, as this build requires iOS modules to be recompiled (see below). What was previously slated for our original 3.5.0 has been moved to a new version, 3.6.0. […]
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