Exciting new Android and Apple Updates

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We’re very excited about Android Lollipop, the new Nexus devices, iOS 8.1, updated iPads, and OS X Yosemite. We’ve done preliminary testing with these stacks and have a few updates:

  • iOS: No current known issues with 3.4.0.GA and the updated iOS and OS X versions. We will test our SDK thoroughly once we get the new iPads.
  • Android: The Android Lollipop SDK will be released tomorrow, 10/17. Existing apps targeting previous Android versions should work correctly, however, there are minor tweaks necessary to allow developers to target the new version. Once we confirm if these changes are necessary, we will publish an updated 3.4.1 in short order.

As always, if you notice anything that you believe might be an issue, please alert us and we’d be happy to take a look.

Upgrading to Yosemite

When upgrading to OS X Yosemite,you might encounter an error message referencing “The JVM shared library…does not contain the JNI_CreateJavaVM symbol.” The simplest way to fix this is to re-download the Java 1.6 installer from Apple, referenced on ticket TISTUD-6154

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  1. Wow! That’s fast! Exciting times for those using the Titanium SDK.

  2. Matthew

    There is definitely a known issue in 3.4.0 on iOS that is a major blocker for my project: https://jira.appcelerator.org/plugins/servlet/mobile#issue/TIMOB-17584

    • Ingo Muschenetz

      @Matthew, this is being worked on.

  3. John

    I like the things that Appcelerator does, however the one thing that for me, would make it perfect, is the be able to construct obb files from within Appcelerator.

    Is this something that will be addressed soon?

  4. Donovan

    No current known issues? This has been a major issue for the last 2 major versions and still happens and there has been no updates to it. App will crash when uploads get aborted, and a ton of ram is used when a upload is started that never happened before SDK 3.3.0.


    • Ingo Muschenetz

      @Donovan, this post references updates for iOS 8.1 and OS X Yosemite and Titanium SDK compatibility. We are reviewing tickets like the one you mention for fixes in upcoming Titanium SDK releases, but this is separate from an Apple update.

  5. Arslan Sohail

    Can i run apps on ios 8.1?,as for now,as i have just updated my iphone,needs to know asap!

    • Ingo Muschenetz

      Yes you can.

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