Apple Finally Embraces NFC: This Week in Enterprise Mobility

Is Apple Ready to Jump on the NFC Bandwagon? The iPhone 6 will be released in a few short weeks, and speculation, as always, is rampant. This week, Wired ran a well-substantiated story claiming that the iPhone 6 will support near-field communication, or NFC, technology for mobile payments. According to CNET, this could be just […]

Implementing Recent Search History in your Appcelerator apps

One of my favorite app features is Google Maps Recent History. This subtle feature shows up in the desktop browser as well on all my mobile devices. When I click in the search field to enter a search term, a list of recently found locations is displayed below the search field (see screenshot below). This […]

Are Wearables Enterprise-Ready?: A Q&A with Maribel Lopez

In the first of a two-part interview, Appcelerator caught up with Maribel Lopez, Founder and Principal of Lopez Research to hear her thoughts on wearables in the enterprise. When is the right time for companies to start thinking about wearables? Right now wearables don’t necessarily make sense for every company. In some cases they’re a […]

This Week in Enterprise Mobility: FUD Edition

1. McAfee on the Mobile Security Conundrum Enigmatic CEO John McAfee recently spoke at the SecureCIO conference, revealing his view that mobile poses a whole new array of risks for the enterprise. As he noted, mobility means that every employee is suddenly a potential weak link in the security chain. With enterprise and consumer apps […]

REST-to-REST API Optimization using the Appcelerator Node.ACS MBaaS

If my back end data source (e.g., SAP. Oracle, …) exposes its data with modern REST APIs, can I still leverage the Appcelerator MBaaS/Node.ACS? There are several good reasons to leverage the Appcelerator MBaaS in your mobile architecture. What if the existing back end REST API exposes a lot more data than you need […]

An App for Parkinson’s Sufferers, Q2 Mobility Index and More: This Week in Enterprise Mobility

The Q2 Good Mobility Index is Out Mobile device management (MDM) company Good Technology Corp released its Q2 Mobility Index this week. They found that the number of secure mobile apps companies activated was up 20 percent in the second quarter as compared to the previous period. Document-editing apps came out on top as the […]

How Blackbaud Uses Hackathons and Cross-Platform Technology To Empower Employees

Last week, I was fortunate enough to be on-site when Blackbaud, one of our customers using the Appcelerator Platform, hosted its fifth “Off-The-Grid” Hackathon. Twice a year, Blackbaud invites their in-house developers to spend 24 hours exploring and bringing to life new ideas for the product and company. It’s a successful program, which often leads […]

EMM Wakes Up to the Importance of MADP and Microsoft Challenges AWS: This Week in Enterprise Mobility

Acronym Soup: Understanding How MADP Fits Into EMM Jack Madden makes an interesting point on his site this week, noting that plenty of people think about enterprise mobility management (EMM) as the “management” side of the mobile device and app equation, while mobile application development platforms belong squarely in the “development” camp. In fact, it’s […]
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