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We call Titanium an open-source community, but it’s much more than just a label to us; it’s a core aspect of our philosophy. That’s why we have started a project to bring additional members of the community in, both as contributors and committers. We’ve seen great results from this initial effort.

Ayo Adesugba, one of our Titanium Titans, recently upgraded our Flurry module, dropping in the latest version of the Flurry library (v4.4.0), and adding support for the Android platform. You can read more about it at Please follow along there as the community makes additional updates and fixes.

We now invite the community to test out this module and let us know if there are any issues with the upgrade. We also invite the community to join a forum specifically for those interested in testing beta releases of software or becoming contributors and committers to additional projects down the road. Please join us on Slack.

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