3.2.1 Beta of SDK/Studio Now Available

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We’re pleased to announce the beta version of 3.2.1, a minor update to our 3.2.0 version of the Titanium SDK and Titanium Studio. Version 3.2.1 addresses some issues found in 3.2.0 as well as a number of other high-priority fixes. Today, we’re asking you to help test out the release and provide feedback before it becomes generally available.

This is a pre-production release, and as such may contain regressions or other issues. Beta software may contain blockers and other regressions. Please do not use it in production, and keep backups of all important projects and data.

If you find an issue, please report it in JIRA with a reproducible test case. We ask you provide feedback by Friday, 1/31.

How to Update

  These are links to continuous integration builds. To install them, choose “Help Menu > Install Specific Titanium SDK…” from inside Titanium Studio.

To update Studio, please visit http://preview.appcelerator.com and follow the instructions to update to the RC stream, or to download a new install.

Version 3.2.1 of the SDK requires an update to 3.2.1 of the CLI, but there are no backwards compatibility issues.

NPM Packages

Note: You may need to use ‘sudo’ before these terminal commands on OSX and Linux
npm install -g alloy@1.3.1-cr
npm install -g titanium@3.2.1-beta3
To revert back to stable versions:
npm remove -g titanium
npm install -g titanium
npm remove -g alloy
npm install -g alloy

Updates in Titanium 3.2.1


Read the complete Release Notes. A full list of updates is available here. 3.2.1 has a number of notable fixes:

  • Resolution of build “Failed to Encrypt” source issues
  • Fixes omission and encryption errors with JavaScript files referenced in WebViews. There is an edge case remaining. See   TIMOB-16269 for updates.
  • Module permissions now correctly added to manifest files
  • Plugins will no longer continue to keep playing after web view close
  • Multi-line TextArea behavior has been reverted to SDK3.1.3 functionality
  • Reminder: Android now builds with the latest Android API unless you have specified otherwise in your tiapp.xml
  • Alloy 1.3.1 is now backwards compatible with SDK 3.1.3
  • Issues where an incorrect appicon was showing have been addressed
  • Addressed performance issues around page load times
  • Keyboard fixes
  • Updates to ListView, specifically around child templates and clearing content
  • Addressed issues for users behind corporate proxies
  • Content assist fixes for Titanium API
  • Windows: Resolved issues with orphaned node processes

Known Issues

  Full list here.
  • You may need to have Android 2.3.3 installed in certain circumstances
  • Alloy: Platform-specific widget assets are misplaced under resources
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  1. Viktor

    Please fix TIMOB-15757.

    • Ingo Muschenetz

      We won’t be able to fix this in the 3.2.1 timeframe, but we’ve scheduled it for an upcoming release.

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