Titanium Support Plans for Windows 8

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As most of you know, Microsoft recently released their latest O.S., Windows 8, which along with the desktop version comes in two mobile flavors:

  • Windows Phone 8 – available on devices by Huawei, HTC and Samsung
  • Windows 8 RT – available on tablets such as the Microsoft Surface

From an architectural perspective, both these platforms are quite different, as are their development APIs. This poses challenges for developers who need to develop two separate codebases to support a single app on both platforms (not unlike the challenges of creating an app for iOS and Android).

As you all know, Titanium is an open, extensible development platform for creating native apps across different mobile devices and OS’s. Titanium today provides deep support for iOS and Android platforms, and we recently announced a technology preview for the new BlackBerry 10 platform.

Today I wanted to share our plans for supporting Windows 8 in response to questions from our community and customer base.

We first demonstrated some initial Windows 8 functionality at our CODESTRONG conference in October. Currently we plan to release Window 8 support in the second half of this year for both Windows RT and Windows Phone platforms.

This release will allow developers to build apps that run on both Microsoft platforms – all from a single JavaScript codebase.

If you have any Windows-specific APIs and functions that you are prioritizing for your applications, please let us know by adding your comments on this post below.

We look forward to working with all of you this year and please remember to always Code Strong!

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  1. LM

    Greate news! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Greeaaat news

  3. Yes! It’s great for European customers where WP8 is the 3th OS wanted after iOS and Android 🙂

    Thank you Appcelerator !

  4. Will existing apps developed with actual Titanium SDK for Android/iOS work with Windows 8 when this platform is supported?

    Thank you.

  5. Seth Davis

    I have published a physics game in the Windows Store, using the Javascript/HTML5/CSS code path that MS offers in their Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows 8 package. I use the canvas tag for the Box2D physics.

    It would definitely be nice to be able to use Titanium to develop Win8 apps.

    Will Titanium views be using the WinJS engine along with HTML5, or will they be using the C# engine?

    Will notifications work like they do in current Win8 apps, and will Live tiles be supported?

    Will the default Win8 animation framework be accessible with Titanium?

  6. ghy


  7. Bert Grantges

    Really looking forward to working with Windows 8 on Titanium.

    @Seth – great questions! Keep forwarding on what you’d like to see in our windows 8 support!

  8. “This release will allow developers to build apps that run on both Microsoft platforms – all from a single JavaScript codebase.”

    To be clear, will the one code base be able to run on Android, iOS, and Windows 8?

  9. ads

    Hope that database, tableviews and imageViews will be supported in initial release.

  10. Stephen Feloney

    @Seth Davis – We will be using the C# engine for both Windows Phone 8 and Win8. We will not be using WinJS as it is not supported on Windows Phone.

    Notification, Live Tiles, animation and all the cool Windows stuff will be supported from the Titanium Javascript API.

  11. Stephen Feloney

    @Justin Toth – Yes Android, iOS, and Windows 8, and BlackBerry 10 will all be able to be written and managed all through one code base. Just as iOS and Android are today. Thanks.

  12. Thats awesome. Great news.
    Im hoping for the C# implementation.

  13. William Cabrera

    There are release date for the Window Phone and BlackBerry?

    Thanks a Lot

  14. Daniel

    On my 3rd year with Ti Mobile now, i guess… and trust me. There’s never a one-code base to be able to run on any platforms TI’s offering. You will run into a freaking nightmare, possibly kill you cat too you wish you separate the apps by platform.

  15. Those are very good news! Please keep us up to date with your progress on Win8.

    I agree with Daniel.

  16. Klaus

    Sounds great.

    Position functionality as well as functions to support local dbs on the phones would be appreciated.

  17. Sounds awesome, you making Windows 8 support for Titanium! Can’t wait 🙂 And if you need any testers, let me know!

  18. Is there any news on when this would be happening? I mean 2nd half of 2013 but is there any more specific dates in mind for release?

  19. NBT

    Any Update on when support for WP8 will be added?

  20. John Anderson

    Any update on when this would be available? Maybe an advance preview?

  21. Steve Kompolt

    Support for offline usage and then syncing data back to our core DB is critical. Would really like to see the GEO support as well.

  22. We are waiting for windows support. Any idea about releasing new Titanium SDK with windows support as we are going to enter in second half of the year.

  23. Stefano Scotton

    Any detailed Windows Mobile Roadmap for the second half of the year?
    We really need to know for planning activities.

  24. Elliot

    Hello Stephen,

    As we get closer to the second half of 2013, are there any updates as to the release dates for Windows Phone 8 with Titanium support?


  25. Béatrice Karjalainen

    I also wants to know as we have a customer who wants apps on iOS, Android and WP7.x/8 and we need to know if we will be able to use Titanium or not.

  26. Stephen Feloney

    We are still targeting the end of this year for our first delivery of our Windows 8 support.
    If you have specific Windows 8 requirements, please let me know.


  27. It would be nice if livetiles is supported, and background services

  28. Sera

    Do anyone have some update news about the releasedate? It would be awesome.. Because i want develop a new app also for win phone…

  29. Sushant Ahirrao

    I am eager to develop applications for Windows Phones. Hope will experience the same very soon.

  30. Eric Galton

    Could you provide us an update of a “pre-release” of Titanium with Windows 8 support? We are getting close to the end of the second half and I feel anxious to start publishing apps for the Microsoft Store.

    Thank you.

    • Geo

      +1 on W8 + WP8 support
      and thanks for working hard on it.

      it’s obviously better to have native w8 functionality like tiles, gestures and their strong and great data-binding, however, If we can get just the common functionality from the other platforms would be a great starting point.

      BTW, is there any repository where W8/WP8 developers could try and help out building support?

      txs again.

  31. Hello,

    we are starting selection of a MAPD platform. Windows (Phone) 8 support is very important to my company. What is your roadmap to support Windows (Phone) 8 ?
    thanks Paul

  32. jinesh


    We have been waiting for appcelerator to come up with windows phone support since this blog post was posted…

    Can someone from appcelerator throw some light on the rough launch date of the windows phone support ( which was initially said to be launched by mid of 2013 and then later got postponed till end of 2013)?

    Response from appcelerator is very important for us and many like us to choose the platform. As there are many other platforms like xamarin which supports all 3 os.

    Waiting for reply.


    • Stephen Feloney

      @Jinesh- Thank you for your comments. This December we are aiming to release, to a limited set of customers, our Windows Hybrid solution. This solution will support both Windows 8 phones and Windows 8 tablets. During compilation of the Titanium-built app, a WebView gets created that wraps the Titanium code. At the end a hybrid application is created that can be uploaded to the Windows App Store.
      We are aiming to release in Jan a Developer Preview of our native Windows 8 tablet support. This support will be based on our new hyperloop compiler. Full GA support for Windows 8 native as well as hybrid is currently planned for the first half of 2014.

  33. Mark

    There are news relative the Windows Phone release? Only one month and 2013 end. Thanks

  34. Gabriele Soranzo

    The Developer Preview will be downloadable for everyone? Or only some developers will have the opportunity to download this preview phase?

    Now I submitted my first Titanium’s app into Apple Store, I’m submitting the same app into Google Play, and I’m expecting with interest the Windows’s Titanium compatibility; if I will delivery the same app into three stores I will be happy :).

    If there are some pre-requisites to try/test the new Developer Preview please inform me.

    • Stephen Feloney

      @Gabriele – Our Windows release this month, will be limited to a selected set of developers. The developer preview that we are targeting for Jan will be available to all developers through our CI process.

      • Philippe Gellet

        Hi Stephen
        How can we test the The developer preview


  35. Ali

    I agree with Daniel on his comment, ‘There’s never a one-code base to be able to run on any platforms TI’s offering. You will run into a freaking nightmare, possibly kill you cat too you wish you separate the apps by platform.’

    • agree with you and daniel, It’s a mistake try to separate the apps by platform, the solution that I think that it evaluated is to have different teams to really solve the existing details (especially in ipad & android) and give support to Windows phone that is who is really in market.

  36. Alessandro

    today is 8th january 2014, we are waiting for one year windows phone support of our loving Titanium!
    How much time is necessary yet?!
    Please, release now!

    Thank you 😉

  37. John Haynes

    I have been waiting for over a year for Appcelerator to provide a solution for Windows Phone and Windows 8 which they stated would be available in the last quarter of 2013. They are missing out in many regions now as Windows Phone is even out selling Apple devices.

    Come on Appcelerator, give us what we want please

  38. Hi!

    Any news regarding the release? We’re all waiting for Win8 support! 🙂

    • Alex

      If Titanium adds W8 support it will be the best “mobile swissknife” for developers. I can’t wait for it ^^

  39. sfeloney

    For an update on our Windows support please see http://www.appcelerator.com/blog/2014/01/windows-8-support-whats-going-on/

  40. Rolando García

    When are you going to reléase support for Windows Phone platforms?, we expected the reléase at the end of 2013.

  41. John Haynes

    the support that we as a Windows community have got from Appcelerator Inc is so poor. they really need to get things moving!!!

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