BlackBerry SDK Preview Update

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In time for the new launch of the BlackBerry 10 platform and the exciting Q10 and Z10 devices, we’re pleased to announce an update to the Titanium SDK BlackBerry preview. Since the last drop, we’ve been busy adding items such as:

  • Layout updates
  • WebView support
  • Touch events
  • Fixing miscellaneous bugs

In addition, we’ve added the Titanium BlackBerry SDK to the continuous integration server, enabling developers to easily download the latest and greatest versions of the platform hot off the presses. Follow the links below to get the latest preview release, and also to find out more about how to download releases directly as soon as features are committed.

Known issues

Some functionality is still a work in progress. For example, with layout, labels are not yet auto-sizing, so you’ll need to specify height and width (see TIMOB-12505 and TIMOB-12481 for two items to watch)


Visit the BlackBerry Preview Release page. For more Q & A, check out the Google Groups.

In upcoming weeks, we’ll continue to publish new releases frequently with updated features, and as always, we welcome your feedback via JIRA tickets.

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  1. Cool But what about Linux (Ubuntu) or still the same way to support these platforms without full support Linux ??!!

    i can say that you are forcing us to use a specific OS to use !! not fair

    • Ingo Muschenetz

      We’re tracking adding support for BlackBerry here. Please follow along there for more information.

  2. ads

    but on a mac I use Parallels Desktop no VMWare Fusion 🙁
    Any plan to support PD also ?

  3. Ingo Muschenetz

    @ads…you can use the free Fusion player. BlackBerry provides the emulator, so that is what is available.

  4. ads

    if I’m not wrong the free Fusion player is for Windows not for Mac.

    • Ingo Muschenetz

      BlackBerry is working on allowing for alternate players for OS X. We will keep you posted on any developments.

  5. Roberto

    Guys, could you please update the release notes when you release a new version? 🙂

    Any ETA for Ti.Database?

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