Titanium SDK 2.1.4 RC Released — Preliminary Support for new iPads

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Today the iPad Mini arrives, and today we present to you the latest version of our Titanium SDK with preliminary support for Xcode 4.5.2, iOS 6.0.1, the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini.

Our goal is to get releases of our SDK into your hands as soon as new hardware or operating systems are available. We’ve only had a day to test against iOS 6.0.1, but preliminary indications are good and now we want your help. We’ve waited in line first thing this morning to get our hands on the newest Apple hardware, and we’d like your assistance in putting the Titanium SDK through its paces at the same time we do. If you have a shiny new iPad 4 or iPad Mini in your hands, download the SDK, compile your apps with it, and let us know what you find in JIRA.

2.1.4 also includes a number of additional bug fixes. For a complete list of the items addressed in the 2.1.4 RC, see the release notes.

Installation instructions

To install the latest SDK using Titanium Studio, see the installation instructions or follow these steps:

  • Using a browser, right click a SDK archive download link and copy its URL. You can access the 2.1.4 RC SDK downloads here:
  • From Titanium Studio, select the menu item, Help > Install specific Titanium SDK…
  • Paste the link into the resulting dialog field, and click Finish

Official Support for iPad 4 and iPad Mini

Titanium 2.1.4 GA will be released on November 12,2012 and will contain fixes for any new iPad issues uncovered as part of additional testing.

Windows 8 Desktop

We have also tested Titanium Studio with Windows 8 Desktop GA. While we are not currently able to certify Titanium Studio against that OS, preliminary testing has revealed no known issues. We will update you with additional information once we have completed testing.

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