Node.ACS Tutorial 1: PixGrid photo uploader

After launching the Node.ACS developer preview 2 last week, we are excited to share with you some real examples of how to write a kickass Node.ACS app that connects to ACS as the data backend. We’ll be sharing several more examples in the coming weeks. Today I want to walk through a sample Node.ACS app […]

RIM: There is No Better Time – Carpe Diem Devs

Guest contributed article by Alec Saunders, VP, Developer Relations & Ecosystems, Research In Motion We recently announced a partnership with Appcelerator that includes Titanium support for our upcoming BlackBerry 10 platform, as well as an opportunity for developers to receive BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha, and Appcelerator Cloud Services (ACS) for free. How do you take […]

Mobility and Big Data – A Match Made in … Cloud

Guest article contributed by Peter Rogers, Principal Architect at Cognizant As a principal architect at Cognizant, I spend much of my time helping large enterprises with their mobility, cloud and social strategies. I also have a passion for anything related to Big Data, and I follow this evolving domain with great interest. – In fact […]

Introducing the Titanium Code Processor

Today we’re here to talk about an exciting new tool being integrated with the Titanium family of products: the Titanium Code Processor. We’re always striving to help you generate optimal code and kickass mobile apps, so we’re delivering the Code Processor to perform in-depth dynamic analysis of your Titanium Mobile projects to optimize your code […]

Node.ACS Developer Preview 2 is now available

I am thrilled to announce the availability of the second Node.ACS developer preview. Using Node.ACS allows you to create and publish Node.js applications to the cloud. You can create custom services that extend the functionality of ACS or simply host your existing Node.js applications on the Appcelerator Cloud. Node.ACS is fully integrated with Titanium and […]

Titanium Studio/SDK Beta 2 Now Available

Today we release the second beta of the newest version of our Titanium platform–SDK and Studio 3.0.0. This version includes several additional features as well as bug fixes uncovered during our (and your) testing. Read on below, and for full information, please see the release notes. This release includes several new features related to the Android […]

The Titanium SDK and Certificate Validation

At Appcelerator we pride ourselves on our open-source platform and the freedom it gives other developers in the community to review our code. Recently, we were contacted by Sascha Fahl, a security researcher at Leibniz University concerned about some documentation in HTTPClient and the possibility of a man-in-the-middle attack with the default HTTPClient settings. As of the moment, […]

Titanium Mobile BlackBerry Repository is Publicly Available

Appcelerator’s mission is to enable developers to deliver transformative mobile experiences across all major platforms.  During the CODESTRONG 2012 Mobile Developer Conference, we received requests from the mobile developer community for early access to the Titanium BlackBerry Platform.  Anticipating the launch of BlackBerry10 (BB10), our worldwide developers were eager to have early access the Titanium […]


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