Titanium SDK 2.1.3 Is Released

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Titanium SDK Release 2.1.3 fixes more than 50 issues in the iOS and Android platforms, specifically targeting iOS 6 and iPhone 5. Highlights include:

  • iOS — Support for iOS 6 and XCode 4.5.
  • iOS — Addition of new API for authorization to access contacts.
  • iOS — iOS 6-specific fixes for issues surrounding labels, text fields, audio and layout.

For a complete list of fixes, new APIs, and deprecated APIs, see the release notes.

Download and Installation

Updating the Mobile SDK

You should be prompted to automatically upgrade your Titanium Mobile SDK from within Titanium Studio. If you do not see the prompt below, you can manually check for updates by selecting “Check for Titanium SDK Updates” from the “Help” menu within Titanium Studio.

For More Information

The Release 2.1 documentation page has been updated to reflect changes in Release 2.1.3, as well as the usual documentation updates and corrections.

Note When loading the updated page for the first time, you may need to clear your browser cache. If the documentation page takes more than a few seconds to load, clear your cache and reload the page.

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  1. Saamy

    Can i get Direct link to download 2.1.3GA build. I need to install same version in multiple PCs where they may not have internet connection.
    Please help me in this regards.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Rajeev

    I went through all the steps to install 2.1.3 and when I go to Help>Install Specific Titanium SDK, it says 2.1.3 GA is installed but when I see the Titanium>About Titanium it says Im still running

    Why is that? Shouldn’t it say Im running 2.1.3?

  3. bbr

    This is now broken:

    e.contentOffset.y returns 0 instead of a negative value.

  4. Riccardo

    I’ve upgraded Titanium SDK to 2.1.3.GA, but when I compile a well running scrollview application
    in a real iPad, it appear slower than in 2.0.1.GA2, and scroll between views is incredibly slow, unusable.

    What could be happened?

    Being the only change I made the switch between 2.0.1.GA2 (Xcode 4.3.2) and 2.1.3.GA(Xcode 4.5.1), it seems to be a Titanium a 2.1.3.GA SDK bug…

    Maybe it is a known bug?

    It could be fixed in the next Titanium SDK (Maybe 3.0?)? when the release date is scheduled?

    • Ingo Muschenetz

      Hi Riccardo. Thank you for the report. Can you please file a reproducible test case inside JIRA and we’ll look at it ASAP?

  5. Riccardo

    Hi Ingo

    ok, that’s great

    Will I upload a video showing different scroll speed?
    Or maybe something which could be much useful?

    being the problem only the switch between the two SDKs I’ don’t know what can I show

    • Ingo Muschenetz

      Riccardo, I would file a bug with a code snippet that demonstrates the problem (as well as a video if you think that shows the issue well)

  6. Riccardo

    Hi Ingo

    I’ve created the issue in jira:


    actually I do not know the “piece” of code introducing the problem because no code changes are done between SDLK 2.0.1.GA2 (working well) and 2.1.3.GA (showing problems).

    However, I’ve attached at jira a .js code where scrollviews are managed

    thanks in advance

  7. Natasha

    Is it possible to use XCode 4.5.2 with Titanium SDK 2.0.1

    Simulator works fine but when I try to install the application on a device I’m getting error without some meaningful description?

    • Anthony Decena


      According to the Titanium Compatibility Matrix, the min – max version of xcode for 2.0.x are 4.2 – 4.3
      4.5.2 is only compatible with 2.1.4 and above.

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