Titanum 2.1.3 RC2 is released with additional fixes for iOS 6 and iPhone 5

We’ve been hard at work, furiously testing 2.1.3 against the latest iOS 6 and iPhone 5. With the help of you, the community, we’ve uncovered and addressed an additional 27 issues since the last RC, bringing 2.1.3 to a total of over 50 resolved items. Because we prefer to release a high-quality product rather than […]

Appcelerator: A Visionary in Mobile Application Development

Gartner has long been the most respected game in town when it comes to assessments of information technology markets, including mobile application development platforms (MADPs). The research firm’s April 2012 “Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms” report details its findings on the state of the market and the notable players in it. Gartner’s “quadrant” […]

Native vs. HTML5: The Enterprise Argument

A variety of arguments come up in the native vs. HTML5 debate. When an enterprise is crafting its mobile application development strategy it must weigh many factors. It’s part of our mission at Appcelerator to stay abreast of these issues and give the thousands of developers who use our platform the best current information so […]

Native vs. HTML5: The Real World of the Mobile App Marketplace

The native vs. HTML5 debate isn’t an academic exercise; it’s a real business decision for thousands of companies looking to kick their mobile application development into higher gear. (Or to get started in the first place). So it can be very helpful to review some of the actual numbers and see how things are shaking out […]

Choosing and Managing Your Mobile App Technology

Entering the universe of mobile app creation can seem a difficult challenge for companies comfortably settled into the world of mature website technology. After all, any technology is only as good as the people who design and craft with it. And that’s you. You’re dealing with new and ever-evolving technology, and at the same time […]

Titanium SDK 2.1.3 RC is released – Support for iOS 6

We understand the importance of ensuring your apps work right as new versions of operating systems are released. Our Apple fanboys in the house have been working hard to get a release candidate out in the wild that supports iOS 6. While we officially target backwards-compatible support 30 days after an official release of a […]

Come Meet Appcelerator at Dreamforce, September 18-21

Mobile developers, are you attending Dreamforce 2012?  If so, we would love to meet you, mingle and schmooze!  Stop by our booth in the Dev Zone, and tell us what you’re doing with Titanium! You’re transforming the world every day and we’d love to see your latest apps, answer questions, and showcase what fellow developers […]

Enterprise Mobility: Cloud Services and its Impact on Mobile Server-Side Development

The cloud is truly redefining the way we work and play. In it we store our music, our pictures and movies, and our enterprise data. From it we access all of that information from laptops, tablets, smartphones, cars and TVs anywhere anytime. Of course, the mobile revolution is also delivering its fair share of transformation, […]
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