Developers: Declare Your Mobile Manifesto!

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You are changing the world and influencing people’s lives every day as mobile developers! We want to hear your story and share it at CODESTRONG. Have YOUR video  viewed by 500+ mobile developers, peers and industry leaders – showcasing what excites, inspires and motivates you and the entire mobile industry. Let your voice be heard and be eligible to win a slew of awards at CODESTRONG. (You do not need to be present at CODESTRONG to accept the award).  Send us a one-minute video with your “Mobile Manifesto”and tell us how you and your app are making an impact. Tell us what’s on your mind..…
  • How is mobile changing the world?
  • What excites and inspires you about the mobile industry?
  • What is your dream app that doesn’t exist today?
  • Why is being a mobile developer the coolest job on the planet?
  • Why do you love creating mobile apps?
  We will show Mobile Manifesto videos throughout the 2012 CODESTRONG mobile developer conference and give away a ton of awards based on the categories you suggest! Awards may include:
  • Most inspiring video
  • How apps are changing the world video
  • Most futuristic and forward thinking app video
  • Best visual effects
  • Best persona video –  (consider SINGING your Mobile Manifesto)
  • Funniest video 
  • Best costume
  • Best use of a landmark
  • Collaborative efforts (2 or more developers in your video)
  • How you used ACS  or module integration in your app video
  • Best app demo video
  It’s as simple as this:
  1. Create your kick-ass video (one minute or less)
  2. Upload the video to YouTube and tag it #codestrongmm
  3. Send the link to your YouTube video to, Include your full name, country, links to apps you have created using Titanium and suggest what award category your video would win
  4. For additional amplification, tweet the link to your video to @CODESTRONG and use hashtag #codestrongmm
Deadline is Monday, October 8th. PS – Want to get Titanium Training at CODESTRONG? Register for both Building Mobile Native Apps and Advanced Titanium Mobile Development and get your CODESTRONG ticket for FREE!
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