Alloy Framework is ready for Pre-release

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Appcelerator is pleased to announce the availability of the pre-release version of Alloy.  For those unfamiliar Alloy is an open source MVC framework with the goal of making Titanium development easier, faster, and more scalable.

What is Alloy

Alloy is an MVC framework for rapid mobile application development. It provides a layer on top the Titanium SDK that includes scaffolding generation and advanced tooling. Alloy empowers Titanium beginners to jump right into mobile app development. It also gives advanced developers a framework that will scale as their app grows in size and complexity. With Alloy, developers can build apps not only faster, but of higher quality, effortlessly leveraging features like compile time validation, advanced code generation, and reusable components.

Alloy is built on Node.js, available on npm, and integrated with Titanium Studio.

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Alloy Key Features

  • UI and app logic separation through MVC framework
  • Develop your apps using XML and JSON
  • Compile time validation
  • Reusable widgets and templates
  • Built-in Backbone.js and Underscore.js support
  • Advanced code generation based on Uglify.JS
  • Command Line interface

Using Alloy

It’s very simple to get started with Alloy. Follow the quickstart guide and start developing apps instantly. You can also access the project on Github

Next Steps

With this pre-release of Alloy, we firmly believe that Alloy’s foundation is solid. Developers can use Alloy confident that the core will not change significantly. We will, however, continue to improve and extend the framework. The aim is to keep the impact these necessary ongoing changes have to a minimum. Specifically we intend to improve the debugging experience, add dynamic style applications, add more widgets and templates, enhance integration with Titanium Studio and more.

We are very excited with the progress of Alloy and hope it will become the standard for developing Titanium Apps.

Feel free to send us your comments on Alloy by joining the conversation on the Appcelerator Alloy Google group. Enjoy and CodeStrong using Alloy.

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