Appcelerator Titanium Docs Update, May 2012

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If you’ve started using Release 2.0, you’ve probably already seen the new Appcelerator Titanium documentation site, Our goal for Release 2.0 focused on improving the Titanium Mobile API documentation, updating and organizing the guides, and making everything easy to find on a single site: The options to show or hide inherited members and property accessors on the API Docs are still there, but now they’re now in the Show menu over on the right. The Filter class members box is a very handy way of finding that elusive property or method. You’ll also find an Expand All button if you want to scroll through all of the properties, methods and events without manually expanding each item. There are still many things to improve, but I’m happy to have the first version of our new doc site in the wild, and I’m proud of the work the documentation team has done over the last six months:
  • Completely revised the API docs for about 2/3 of the modules and objects in the Titanium Mobile API.
  • Updated existing guides, added new guides sections, and removed obsolete material.
  • Fixed almost 300 doc bugs.

For a before-and-after comparison, see the VideoPlayer doc then and now.

We’ve made a good start, but we need your help. If you find a doc that’s wrong or missing information, or if you just feel it could be improved, please let us know. We always encourage filing bugs. For questions and general feedback, feel free to contact myself, Tim Poulsen or Paul Dowsett.

Behind the Scenes

We really liked the navigation in JSDuck, Sencha’s open-source documentation tool, so we used it as the front end for our Titanium documentation site. Our API documentation source format hasn’t changed: API docs are written in the TDoc format we rolled out with Release 1.8. The TDoc tools were designed to generate multiple formats, so we added a generator for JSDuck. The guides content is authored in our wiki and exported for the doc site using a custom script.

What’s Next?

So what’s next for the Appcelerator documentation team? Here’s what we have on our roadmap for 2.1.0:
  • Continuing to work through the API pages we didn’t get a chance to revise for 2.0.
  • More sample code.
  • Improved search for the documentation site.
  • Continued bug fixes for the docs and documentation site.

What changes would YOU like to see? Let us know — comment on this post, file a ticket, send ustweet, a carrier pigeon, you name it.

If you’d like to contribute to the Titanium documentation effort, there are many ways to help:
  • If you find something wrong, or a page that needs more information, file a bug.
  • Take it to the next level and submit a fix for an API doc issue.
  • Join the crew: the Appcelerator documentation team is hiring.


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  1. Great work! As for changes, I would love to be able to disable the tabs completely. I find myself curating them more than using them.

    • Arthur Evans

      @adam Point taken. People seem to either love or hate the tabs. I did briefly look at this before the 2.0 release, and concluded it was a non-trivial change. I’ll open a feature request to explore this further.

  2. Slightly ironic to to use a competitor’s home-brewed documentation tool, no?

    • Arthur Evans

      @rob I suppose you could see it that way.

      Personally, I don’t think we have any immediate plans to compete in the open-source documentation tool market. I’d rather focus our efforts on content right now.

  3. Alexander

    Why should they spend resources for a doc generator if there is already a nice one? I prefer Appcl putting more resources on their SDK rather wasting them for a doc generator to say at the end ‘hey, it is not much better or faster but we have put our label on it’ …
    However, nice decision. Keep the good work on.

  4. Philippe

    Is there still an api.json now?

    It used to be like “” but I couldn’t locate the latest one.

    It’s fairly important for people using alternative JS editors.

    • Arthur Evans


      Sorry for the delay. The latest api.json is at:

      I’ve also added a link to the docs landing page. If you’re using Chrome, you’ll need to clear your cache to see updates to the landing page. For some reason, Chrome is very attached to its cached pages.

  5. Sarah

    As someone just starting out, there is a lot of document I want (need?) to review. I’d love a way to star it/favorite it/mark it as something I should come back to later.

    • Arthur Evans

      @sarah Interesting thought. The site does use bookmarkable URLs, so if you have a favorite reader or bookmark utility, that might be a way to go. Anyone have any suggestions?

  6. Arthur Evans

    @philippe My apologies. The JSON file isn’t integrated into the new deployment script. I will figure out where to put this and get the site updated in the next couple of days. If this is holding you back now let me know and I will get a copy to you.

  7. ads

    It would be nice to have more iPad samples (not just iPhone samples resized but with iPad controls).
    Same things with Android tablets.

    • Arthur Evans

      Thanks for the feedback. Does that apply to the API Docs, the guides, standalone samples like Kitchen Sink, Geocoder, etc., or equally to all three?

  8. sumitk

    awesome job loved new UI.

  9. George

    Examples examples and more examples!!!! API is good, documentation is good but we need to see all these in action! And I don’t mean full applications (like kitchensink which is good), I mean small pieces of code which show the usage of each module.

    my 0.02

  10. This is a bit off topic, but besides improving the docs i think it would be great to have a place for feature voting so I put up a uservoice account as a demo: It is like a wishlist where we could vote on features.

    • Arthur Evans


      Currently, the best way to vote for a feature is to use the Watch feature is JIRA to watch a bug or feature request. We do look at the watch count when we’re prioritizing bugs and features.

      It would certainly be nice to have a more formal tool for upvoting feature requests. I’ll follow up with some folks internally and see whether we have anything like this in the works.

  11. Cool Arthur,
    I have placed my feature request in JIRA. Seen them assigned to team members 🙂 .

    This uservoice was just to demo how that might look. If you guys want that uservoice account or want me to take it down just let me know. It was done with the best of intentions.


  12. Ivan Škugor

    Hello Juan.

    You can also make your general suggestions here:

  13. Olivier

    Hey all. I can’t speak for other but I would really REALLY want (need) to access core graphics on iOS. API to draw pixels directly lightning fast (not in a canvas in a webview). Something like Ti.Canvas maybe?

  14. @Olivier: Android also has a Canvas object for drawing pixels/primitives. Have you logged a feature request in the Titanium Community Jira Project?

  15. Olivier

    Great! Thanks for the quick reply! I will open a ticket for a iOS feature request in JIRA.

  16. Philippe

    Thanks @Arthur, the JSON seems fine.

  17. Deejay

    I just downloaded Titanium Studio build and the SDK 1.2.0 fro windows. I am using WIndows 7. Please how I get this SDK install on my system?

  18. Jannis

    I miss an entry point for the API search like “!/api?q=createWindow” so I can quickly search the API using chrome’s built in search engines, instead of having to go to the api homepage first and having to search there.

    Also, if you enter the captcha wrong, the comment is lost (textarea is empty)

  19. API to draw pixels directly lightning fast (not in a canvas in a webview). Something like Ti.Canvas maybe?

  20. Reilly

    Usability concerns from a Ti developer:

    Really, really slow to load.

    If I web-browser-bookmark a page for quick reference, its too slow to load and use.

    I cannot use my web-browser’s tabs to quickly open a few pages (using ctrl+click) because its so slow to reload the whole js environment – so im “moded in”. DONE MODE ME IN!

    There is no point in having a slow, more annoying implementation of tabs in the doco, when my web-browser already does them implemented so well.

    Please provide a quick-to-load HTML5-only version of the docs?

  21. Carlos Henrique Lustosa Zinato

    Is there a method called reverseGeocoder in Titanium.Geolocation documentation?

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