Layout Changes for 2.0

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Hey Titanium Developers, One area where we have really strived to improve in 2.0 is in unifying and normalizing the behavior of UI controls across platforms. This effort has resulted in much more consistent behavior between platforms overall, and will give developers more control over the behavior of UI components. However, as we made changes to unify these APIs and achieve cross-platform parity, some behaviors have changed. Particularly around the previously ambiguous “auto” settings, and default behavior for UI components (filling the parent versus sizing to content). To help explain these changes, we have put together a special page on the wiki to describe what was changed, and provide a resource for Titanium developers upgrading from 1.8.x to 2.x. Review the UI layout changes here. We plan on releasing the final 2.0 builds to the world very, very soon. We hope that you’ll find this to be the best Titanium release to date, with improvements across the board in stability, performance, parity, and powerful new features. Code strong!
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