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Older versions of Apple's App Loader Broken

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There have been a few reports out there of older versions of Apple’s app loader causing problems during app submissions, erroneously claiming that the app icons are the wrong size. Updating to the latest version of the app loader from Apple should resolve this issue. The relevant Q&A post can be found here. Thanks and let us know if you have any issues with this.
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  1. Josh

    I get errors now saying that I can’t upload my version because the CFBundle version # has to be newer than the one already submitted. Both my waiting upload and my cfbundle (also in my tiapp file) are at 2.0.

    And the App Loader update didnt work for me.

  2. Mauro

    Josh, can you please send me a mail with more details to



  3. Matt

    I’m getting the exact same thing as Josh. Did you find a solution?

  4. It is due to compression of png in the icon you are using. Open default titanium app icon and copy paste your icon there (in Preveiw). Then export that icon to png. It should be around 8KB.

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