Titanium Mobile SDK 1.8.2 is available now

We’re excited to announce that Titanium Mobile SDK 1.8.2 and Titanium Studio 1.0.9 are available now. We released Titanium Mobile SDK 1.8.1 last month as our first service pack for the 1.8 release and the response to monthly service packs has been very positive. These service packs address high priority issues while we work on […]

Newbie Tuesday: Hybrid App Basics Part 1

The following is the latest entry in a series of Tuesday blog posts covering basic topics in Titanium and JavaScript development. Titanium allows developers to use local HTML inside a WebView component. There are a variety of compelling use cases for this, in situations where the browser provides the best tools for a given job. […]

Submit your app: "Built With Titanium"

A new community site has sprung up dedicated to showcasing the 30,000+ apps built with Titanium! Sharry Stowell (of Learning Titanium) has posted this new community site where developers can add their applications to a categorized showcase. To submit your application, tweet a link to your app in the store/market where it resides to TiBuilt. […]

Internationalization of App Names

Editor’s Note: This and all further updates to internationalization can be found in the wiki. In the wiki we have pretty extensive documentation on internationalization of application resources. One thing that has been a little tricky for some developers, though, is changing the actual application name based on locale. For example, say you had an […]

Xcode 4.3 and Titanium

UPDATE (3/19/2012): Xcode 4.3 is now supported in our continuous integration builds. Go to http://build.appcelerator.net to get it, and make sure you are downloading from the master branch. UPDATE (3/16/2012): You can get Xcode 4.3 working with Titanium as detailed in this post: http://developer.appcelerator.com/blog/2012/03/titanium-and-xcode-4-3-revisited.html Apple has recently released Xcode 4.3, which some developers have already […]

Newbie Tuesday: WebView with remote HTML

The following is the latest entry in a series of Tuesday blog posts covering basic topics in Titanium and JavaScript development. A common need in Titanium applications is to display the content of a remote web page inside a web view. Maybe it’s a blog post linked to in an RSS feed or your own […]

Appcelerator acquires Cocoafish

Today, we announced that Appcelerator has acquired Cocoafish, a cloud services company which provides a variety of very useful services to mobile (or any) clients through a simple REST API, with no server-side code. To learn more about Cocoafish, check out their website. For more information on how Cocoafish fits into the family here at […]

What is a Titanium "proxy" object?

First a PSA: Older versions of Apple’s Application Loader have been reported to cause problems on app submission related to icon sizes. Updating to the latest app loader resolves the issue. Related Q&A post here. The following is the first in a series of Friday blog posts covering advanced topics and Titanium development best practices. […]
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