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Titanium Week On-Demand

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tiweek.png Titanium Week has come and gone, but that doesn’t have to mean you missed out. If you were unable to attend the 7 days of webinars we held, you still have a chance to view all the content when ever you want. All 7 webinars have been recorded and are available at the link below. In addition to getting the full presentations and Q&A sessions, you also have access to the slide decks as well. * Titanium Week Presentations & Slide Decks * Here’s just a quick overview of what was covered during Titanium Week. Be sure to check out the official Titanium Week page for all the details and content.

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Titanium Week Overview

  • Day 1: Titanium 1.8 for Module Developers
  • Day 2: Titanium Studio 1.0.7
  • Day 3: Welcome to Titanium
  • Day 4: What’s New in Titanium Mobile 1.8
  • Day 5: Best Practices in Mobile Development
  • Day 6: Targeting the NOOK with Titanium Mobile
  • Day 7: Full-Stack Enterprise Mobile Application Development
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