Check out this new Titanium Cookbook, Now Available from Packt Publishing

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Titanium Cookbook Cover Appcelerator Titan Boydlee Pollentine has recently released a new cookbook for mobile application development – Appcelerator Titanium Smartphone App Development Cookbook. We’re very excited to start pouring over the book ourselves, and wish to extend our own congratulations to Boydlee for getting this book to the finish line. Congrats Boydlee, and here’s to brisk sales of your new book ;). As a reminder, Appcelerator is fashioning the new wiki documentation in the style of a reference manual/book, and we invite you to check it out if you haven’t already. We hope to make it’s contents available as a PDF or ePub download very soon. Check it out on our documentation wiki here.
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  1. Very cool, congrats Boydlee!

  2. Just downloaded in on Kindle and so far it’s great and well paced.

  3. Oscar

    Just ordered it and downloaded the PDF.

    Just had a quick look at it and I think it’s worth the money!

  4. Thanks guys, your support makes the whole effort worthwhile.

  5. I just bought the book and the ebook! Beautiful Christmas holidays with good reading on Titanium 🙂

    Congrats Boydlee!


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